Overwatch: Who is Hammond and where’s the proof he’s hero 28?


Overwatch is certainly beginning to gear up for the reveal of hero 28 and all eyes are set on the mysterious Horizon Lunar Colony Subject #8  – or – Hammond for short. Their latest teaser gives us an idea that – if it is Hammond – we can expect an ape with some high-tech at their side.

When it comes to teasing upcoming heroes, Blizzard Entertainment is no stranger to getting us so excited that sweat beads begin to form on our foreheads and our jaws grow tense with our desire to know more. Ok, so it’s not that dramatic, but there’s no doubt that Hammond has us all curious to what type of character he actually is, what he looks like, and what he’s been up to since the base’s fall.

Luckily for you, we’ve dug up enough information to get a basic idea of who Hammond is and what kind of importance he will serve in the game, so let’s get started.


So who exactly is Hammond?

Before the fall of Horizon Lunar Colony, Hammond was known as Specimen #8, one of the experiments that Dr. Zhang and the teams had been experimenting on. Much like Winston, Hammond has undergone special treatment, however, what we don’t know is what kind.

During this time, it was noted by Dr. Zhang that Hammond had escaped from his cage, but luckily, no one seemed terribly worried about his little expedition. That changed, however, when the teams learned that Hammond had possibly escaped into the base’s ventilation system, which came around the same time that Flores, a staff member on the base, noted odd noises coming from the ventilation system itself.

Move forward years later and the company known as Lucheng Interstellar had finally retrieved information from the Colony’s still-operating monitoring system. Unfortunately for them, it became very apparent something was wrong and more-so than they hoped. Hammond was noted to longer be located at the base.

The most interesting part of it all? Hammond had become intelligent, much like Subject #28, codenamed Winston. Without Winston’s knowing, Hammond was able to attach his own escape pod to his fellow subjects and escape. Whether he’s good or not has yet to be told, but by the trailers, we can almost be rest assured he works for Talon.

The only thing we do know is the ape’s fought back and won, killing all of the staff on the base.


Where’s the proof our newest hero is Hammond?

Whether or not hero 28 is actually Hammond has yet to be told. However, there’s lots of supporting evidence to this matter. In our set of updates, the map within the Horizon Lunar Colony has been changed to show that Hammond is confirmed as missing. Along with that tidbit, we’ve also been getting little tweets that hint that hero 28 is indeed Hammond himself.

If you go to Hammond’s room, which is next to Winston’s room, you can see where Hammond escaped and you can even see his blueprints for his escape pod attachment to Winston’s very own. Also, don’t forget, Dr. Winston’s suit has disappeared and Hammond could quite possibly be the proper size for the suit. While this could simply be Dr. Winston’s attempt to escape the colony, our best guess is that Hammond was involved and he decided to join Winston on his journey down to Earth.

It’s all in the Tweets.

Let’s face it. The tweets are also proof enough. Wanna see? Here you go!

And… A mechanized ape rolling past a poster that looks like Hammond?

Closing Thoughts

Let’s be fair. We know the chances are Hammond could be saved for later, but after all the teases we’ve been given as of late? It definitely seems like Hammond is on his way to the PTR sooner than later and we should be gearing up for our latest hero who we can certainly hope brings a unique approach to combat in the very near future.

What’re your thoughts? Who do you think the latest hero will be? Junkerqueen, Efi, maybe someone we haven’t seen yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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