Ubisoft and cloud gaming partner Parsec sign a multi-year contract

As cloud-based gaming picks up momentum, Ubisoft and Parsec have entered into a multi-year contract. What does this mean for the future of gaming? Let’s find out.

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G4TV is relaunching in 2021 after a ‘We Never Stopped Playing’ teaser released


As one of the most renowned gaming-focused TV networks on the air until 2014, G4TV delivered must-have content for gaming enthusiasts and now, it’s coming back with G4TV’s Attack of the Show! and X-Play. Here’s everything we know.

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Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein, former WoW Pro, has passed away


Known for his insanely talented gameplay, calm, collected, and absolutely dominating demeanor, Byron Bernstein, also known as Reckful, has passed away as revealed by his roommate and confirmed by Slasher earlier today.

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Fallout is getting a TV series from the makers of West World on Amazon


Fallout has always had a lot to offer. Fallout is a series that continues to amaze with its post-apocalyptic setting in a world where Nucleac War has made it one giant wasteland. Now, Bethesda and Amazon have revealed their team up with Westworld Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy through their studio Kilter Films. Here is what you need to know.

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As the world wants to know why Dr Direspect is banned, why is no one asking if he is okay?


While Dr Disrespect has been banned from Twitch, lost his sponsorship with Discord, and quite possibly others, no one is asking the single most important question: Is he okay?

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Dr. Disrespect has issued a statement regarding his Twitch ban


In the odd case of Dr Disrespect being banned from Twitch on Friday, the enigma that is Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, has gotten even weirder with his official statement regarding the sudden and unexpected Ban as he closed off of Friday’s stream in a matter of seconds.

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New Game+ Expo to air next week, includes SEGA, ATLUS, Spike Chunsoft, and more


With many gaming conventions being canceled due to health and safety concerns caused by COVID-19, many developers are preparing for New Game+, a live-streamed Expo that will air starting June 23rd, 2020, live on Twitch. Here’s what to new.

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Bandai Namco releases updates about both the TWT2020 and SCWT2020 schedules


With many conventions, such as GDC, being postponed or altogether canceled, Bandai Namco and their event organizers have released an update regarding the status of both the TEKKEN World Tour 2020 and SOULCALIBUR World Tour 2020 due to rising concerns of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

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Safe In Our World is a video games industry-powered mental health charity


In celebration of World Mental Health Day, Safe In Our World has officially been announced, looking to raise awareness about mental health in the video games industry, but also, to help those who need it.

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Final Fantasy XIV: How an FC called Azure Infinitum turned into family

Aurinik Lightfoot 04/02/2019 22:04:39

From toxic and abusive experiences to a reformed sense of community, Dustin opens up about the hardships he faced and how one FINAL FANTASY XIV community changed his experiences for the better.

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