Dr. Disrespect has issued a statement regarding his Twitch ban


In the odd case of Dr Disrespect being banned from Twitch on Friday, the enigma that is Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, has gotten even weirder with his official statement regarding the sudden and unexpected Ban as he closed off of Friday’s stream in a matter of seconds.

I’ll be the first to admit, I can find Guy Beahm, also known by his Twitch persona, Dr Disrespect, to be an entity of his own. He’s outlandish, brash, self-indulged, and truly one of the most narcissistic streamer identities out there. That, however, is why I watch his online persona when he plays Call of Duty: WarzoneApex Legends or whatever he fancies for that day.

The case became weird when he was banned from Twitch, being hit with a permanent ban according to many sources, which has sent resounding shockwaves throughout the video game streaming community, content creator community, and well – gaming as a whole.

Many stated that their subscriptions to his channel have been refunded, his channel deleted, and well, nothing past that besides generic statements from Twitch whose parent company is owned by Amazon. However, that has recently changed as of yesterday when Guy Beahm, known for his work as a former Call of Duty developer and content creator, issued his very first statement since this all went down.

There are several that have come forth saying that they do have credible sources with the reason, which comes in the shape of Rod Breslau as seen in his Tweet down below:

Whatever the reason is, not even Dr Disrespect’s wife, Mrsassassin even went onto Instagram to speak up about what has unfolded in an Instagram story:

Whatever it is, it’s oddly timed as Twitch has only recently begun cracking down on high-profile streamers who have been accused of sexual harassment and abuse. Whatever ti is, it doesn’t seem to be related to this with mrsassassin herself speaking up with words of encouragement. Either way, it’s confusing and whatever the reason is, we’re not sure what to expect in the upcoming days.

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