As the world wants to know why Dr Direspect is banned, why is no one asking if he is okay?


While Dr Disrespect has been banned from Twitch, lost his sponsorship with Discord, and quite possibly others, no one is asking the single most important question: Is he okay?

Look Doc We really want to know, are you okay?

Over the past few days, I’ve been like many of you. I’ve scrounged through the Twitterverse, Reddit, Twitch, whatever have you in search of answers. It’s part of my job as a writer. Truth be told, I realized one very important thing I wasn’t asking: Is Dr Disrespect okay? Is he holding up? How is his family?

While I’ve come to find the guy entertaining over the past few months, I’ve become polarized by his over-the-top silliness, his uncanny awkward portrayal of an 80s action character turned polarizing streamer who plays some of today’s heaviest hitting games and claiming his game for it.

While doing all this streaming, it’s hard to remember that he is also human, just like us. That once the lights dim, he takes off the headset, removes that silly wig, takes down the glasses, and leans back in his chair, undoubtedly blowing off the fact he just entertained us for hours, he knows many just see him as one of the heaviest-hitting entertainers on Twitch – if not THE single-heaviest hitting streamer the platform has ever seen.

On Twitter, he has fallen silent after his statement we shared earlier, the statement his wife made, and well, the statement made by Slasher. I’ve barreled my way through every single conspiracy theory I can so far, some of which are outlandish and hilarious, while others are concerning, if not even alarming.

Others even being seemingly plausible, such as Guy and other top-end streamers banding together to launch a new service or join a new one altogether (Facebook having obtained Mixer makes this even more likely) – but we aren’t here to join a conspiracy theory or make one.

But not once have we heard a statement about his mental health. How he’s handling all of this and what he’s doing to rationalize the situation altogether. We know it wasn’t DMCA takedowns, we – for what we know – don’t think it’s related to his past shenanigans, and we certainly don’t think it’s tied to his most recent stream.

All we know is that his stream ended abruptly and he didn’t even sign off in his normal and quirky way, instead, it was thoughtful for his community, for the support he receives, and well – now we’re concerned. No matter how high we hold them, content creators, actors, and personalities like him are just as human as we are. While we all await the reasoning as to why he was banned, if we ever get it, we need to hold onto the fact he’s also just like us: Human.

So Doc – no, not Doc – Guy, are you okay over there?

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