G4TV is relaunching in 2021 after a ‘We Never Stopped Playing’ teaser released


As one of the most renowned gaming-focused TV networks on the air until 2014, G4TV delivered must-have content for gaming enthusiasts and now, it’s coming back with G4TV’s Attack of the Show! and X-Play. Here’s everything we know.

Whether you are a gamer or not, there’s a chance you’ve heard of G4TV, a gaming-focused TV Network that brought the best out of us all. Their shows were highlighted by some of the most amusing peoples within the industry including Olivia Munn, Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Kevin Pereira, and of course, former gaming enthusiast turned model, Sara Jean Underwood.

The announcement of the G4TV reboot was made originally by IGN only minutes before the official G4TV Twitter released the video itself, which is owned by j2 Global’s Ziff Davis. The teaser, all-the-while cryptic, gives us a good idea of what is coming, which means we very well could be seeing the return of some rather familiar faces, including the rather enthusiastic Olivia Munn.

The announcement, of course, was released as part of Comic-Con@Home, a virtual streaming edition of this year’s annual fan convention in San Diego and across the United States. The website is back up as well for g4tv.com, which shows a playable Pong game and is owned by Comcast’s subsidiary, NBCUniversal Media branch called Spectator.

As part of the relaunch initiative, two former G4 alumni will be making a return including Brian Terwilliger and Blair Herter. Both are known for their past work as VP of Programming (as of 2020, formerly producer for “Attack of the Show!”) and VP of content partnerships and brand development (as of 2020), respectively.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect as G4’s announcement arrives less than two weeks ahead of the August 5th launch of VENN. If you aren’t sure of what Venn is, it is a linear streaming network dedicated solely to gaming and pop-culture, on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and other platforms as well. The network name stands for Video Game Entertainment and News Network and was formed by Ben Kusin (GameStop co-founder’s son) and Ariel Horn (formerly sports at NBC)

It’s only interesting to see G4TV coming back after NBCU announced it would be rebranding G4 as the Esquire Network back in 2013 as part of their overall branding, eventually shutting down G4 in November 2014. The website including a playable version of the Atari classic Pong is only a small nod to the original launch of G4TV where they originally aired a week of matches of the game itself in 2002.

We decided to play the game only to receive this message after four points earned: “You’re a winner! Congrats, Titan of Gaming. Enter your email and a corporate marketing plan will be in touch soon. His name is Phil. Phil will be in touch soon.”

You can check out the official responses from the original G4 cast down below including former X-Play host’s Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler:

While we ourselves are still wrapping our heads around this, we can also see that the former hosts for G4TV are as well and the only one who seems to not be having some form of a nostalgic moment? Kevin of all people, but of course, we know him better than that, right? I mean… Right?

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