Review: Anthem – An amazingly beautiful, and fun adventure


The long-awaited open-world RPG from Mass Effect developers BioWare is finally here, but it hasn’t been an easy road for the game. Now that Anthem is out in the wild, the day one patch is here, and we’ve completed the end-game content. Now it’s time for an official review of Anthem.

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Anthem: Understanding how Elemental Effects work and affect your combos


Now that you’ve got a handle on the combo system, how to play a Storm Javelin, and even got a basic understanding of the game, it’s time to discuss how each of the elements works and what each of them actually does when they are active.

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Anthem: How to become an elemental fury with the Storm Javelin

anthem™ demo_20190126180152

The Storm Javelin is one of the most powerful of them all, but understanding how to master it, that’s one of the toughest things to do and it’s also what makes it one of the most viable of them all. Now here’s our extensive guide on how to master the Javelin and its capabilities.

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Anthem: Things you need to know before starting Anthem

anthem™ demo_20190125195129

BioWare’s Anthem is finally out in the wild. As more and more players dive in, there’s a lot to be learned about the upcoming title and quite a bit that you need to know before dusting off that all-mighty powerhouse of yours. Here’s what you need to know to get you started. Continue reading

Neil Blomkamp’s ‘Anthem’ short ‘Conviction’ left us craving a movie


Neil Blomkamp’s Anthem short ‘Conviction’ gives us a proper look at how a high-quality game movie could look if it were to be made.

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Apex Legends: Battle Pass, a Twitch Event, and new Legends announced


Apex Legends is about to get even bigger, better, and louder than ever before. Also, a Battle Pass is on its way later this year. Continue reading

Hands-on Impressions: Anthem’s VIP beta – A thrilling, but bug-ridden experience

anthem™ demo_20190125202002

Anthem’s VIP Access beta is finally over. While there was plenty of good regarding the upcoming class-based RPG and team-based shooter, there was a lot of bad as well, but nothing as worse as the ugly stuff that managed to weasel its way out. Here’s what we thought.

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Dead Space: How the franchise remains relevant ten years since its release


We take a deep dive into Dead Space and take a look at how their Dead Space franchise became one of the most renowned franchises in gaming history.

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Battlefield V’s open beta is now available, scheduling and file size detailed


As the launch for Battlefield V quickly approaches, fans can now pre-load the Open Beta client for this week’s tests. Additionally, EA has confirmed the dates, times, and what the beta will entail over the course of this week and weekend.

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Star Wars: Battlefront II sees Emperor Palpatine temporarily removed


After the June 28, 2018, hotfix, EA and DICE have temporarily removed from Star Wars Battlefront II due to his overpowered lightning shenanigans. EA and DICE have officially made a statement about when or if he’ll return.

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