Battlefield 2042 Review – Bigger, better, and totally Battlefield

Battlefield 2042 aims to reimagine the series just as Battlefield 2142, Bad Company, and its predecessors had, but this time, going bigger and badder than ever before. The question that must be answered is simple: Does it do it?

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Anthem’s latest dev update outlines changes to Javelins

In a recent update about Anthem, BioWare Studio Director, Christian Dailey, gives an update that will be coming to the games Javelin suits, including, mod slots. However, it left us with more questions, than it did answers.

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Respawn Entertainment is celebrating their 10th anniversary


For any game company, ten years is a long time in the industry, now, among them comes Respawn Entertainment that has begun to celebrate their tenth anniversary and success of their history of games they’ve released. Now, Vince Zampella has opened up to discuss their upcoming Medal of Honor entry and much more.

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Respawn CEO is taking over DICE LA, working on a brand-new IP


EA has revealed that Respawn CEO, Vince Zampella, will be taking a new role as the head of DICE LA while also remaining the studio head of Respawn Entertainment.

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Anthem’s Lead Producer Ben Irving parts ways with BioWare Austin


The future of Anthem is seeming less and less likely to succeed after the departure of Ben Irving of BioWare Austin, the studio leading development behind the game, and now, it leaves just Chad Robertson looking it over. Continue reading

The Best PlayStation 4 Games For Couples – Games to help bring your date night to life


Credits: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Are you looking for some great date night games? From Mortal Kombat to Overcooked 2, here are a few titles to help bring the night to life.

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Anthem’s Cataclysm update seems to be on the horizon as the pre-event quests are ending today


Despite having fallen into silence and very little updates about the game, BioWare has remained hard at work, hammering out their eight-week event called ‘Cataclysm’, which will be the games first-ever limited-time live-event.

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Battlefield V’s 2019 roadmap isn’t just about Battle Royale, but much more


Prepare for fire, lots of it, and plenty more for those looking to skip out on Battle Royale as EA and DICE have officially released the 2019 roadmap (up to this point) for Battlefield V’s Chapter 3: Trial by Fire.

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Anthem: 8 Essential Features That BioWare Needs to Make Available


After much deliberation, here are ten essential changes we’d like to see make their way to Anthem in the future including the ability to place waypoints on the map and changes to the faction rewards.

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Anthem’s newest update is now live, fixes PS4 crashes and adjusts weapon balance


Along with brand new bug fixes and some brand new content, BioWare and EA have revealed that patch 1.0.3 for Anthem is now live and features an astonishing amount of changes, fixes, and even some well-deserved weapon balancing.

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