Star Wars: Battlefront II sees Emperor Palpatine temporarily removed


After the June 28, 2018, hotfix, EA and DICE have temporarily removed from Star Wars Battlefront II due to his overpowered lightning shenanigans. EA and DICE have officially made a statement about when or if he’ll return.

It seems rather likely that Emperor Palpatine has been removed from Star Wars: Battlefront II since he seemingly broke the game with his chain lightning shenanigans from a June 28 hotfix, which sought to rebalance several of the games features and gameplay mechanics.

As one of the games few playable characters, Emperor Palpatine, also known by his sith lord alias, Darth Sidious sends the hero roster down a single character. Due to his ability to leap about like no one’s business, shoot lightning from his fingertips while wiping out enemy forces as quickly as he can. Sadly, the developers have had quite a bit of trouble balancing so that he’s not too overpowered and comes out rather balanced compared to other playable characters.

Due to his broken force lightning since the launch of the game, DICE confirmed they’ve been hard at work on balancing the character and putting him on even ground with other heroes. Sadly, the June 28 patch broke him, causing his force lightning to break once again. Due to this occurrence, DICE has since decided to disable Palpatine altogether with no idea of when his return will be made.

We plan to execute our Kill Switch (KS) for [Emperor Palpatine],” Walke wrote during a post on the official Star Wars Battlefront II forums. “This means he will be removed from the game. He will be disabled until a hotfix can be deployed. We don’t take this decision lightly, but we feel it is in the best interest for everyone until a fix can be deployed.

For now, it seems that Emperor Palpatine be sitting these recent battles out for the time being until something can be done in order to balance him out.

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