Anthem: How to become an elemental fury with the Storm Javelin

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The Storm Javelin is one of the most powerful of them all, but understanding how to master it, that’s one of the toughest things to do and it’s also what makes it one of the most viable of them all. Now here’s our extensive guide on how to master the Javelin and its capabilities.

By now, you’ve probably spent a lot of time finding out what Javelin is the best for you. With each one coming with their own unique play style, Combo bonuses, and approach to every situation, you might find that each also takes a whole new approach from one another in order to master.

You’ve probably discovered that the Interceptor is highly mobile and that it’s quite capable of getting into and out of close range combat within a moments notice. You’ve also by now noticed its health pool, its shields, and its armor are much lower than the other three. It’s an assassin-type class after all. While the Colossus proves itself as a worthy tank and the Ranger as an all-around Warrior-type class.

And then, there’s the Storm Javelin. The class we’re here to discuss in quite a bit of depth. A caster, a master at elemental control and setting up powerful Combo’s for their team while maintaining a sense of control while floating about. But there’s more to this class than meets the eye and because of that – it’s time to help you become a master at wielding the elements that you control.


Understanding the basics of the Storm Javelin

Unlike the others, the Storm Javelin is a master of elemental combat and floating above its foes, reinforcing its shields and its combat capabilities through the mastery of flight-to-hover based combat. Due to this approach to combat, it’s ill-advised to have a Storm Javelin on the ground. It gets the most out of its ability to hover, which barely sees to that its ever on the ground, but rather always in the air, unleashing its elemental attacks upon your foes.

To do this, you will need to know how to move in and out of a hovering state using R3 in order to trigger this effect, allowing you to dart about in a hovering state and quickly transitioning over to a flying state while also being able to dodge incoming fire without sacrificing your defensive capabilities.

The second most important basic thing to understand: You are a combo master. Just like in our guide about how to master the Combo system – the Storm Javelin excels at creating and detonating a combo chain. The most important part is understanding how Primers, Detonators, and Combo Chains actually work. But we’ll brush up on that in a bit, let’s talk about the most basic part of a Storm: The hovering mechanic.


Hovering is a Storm’s bread and butter

Unlike most Javelin’s, the Storm excels at hovering about while in any combat scenario. It’s not just because they can’t overheat as quickly as the others while hovering about, but it’s because they also get reinforced shields while floating in the air. Think of it as a form of secondary protection, something that makes their shields even stronger than their counterparts and allows them to unleash every form of elemental fury that they can.

As you get used to darting about, hitting R3 so you can transition from flight or jump to hover, you’ll find that the Storm itself is as moderately agile as it looks. The Storm is able to get from one point to another while never forfeiting its sense of self-defensive capabilities. It’s certainly an impressive Javelin.

But there’s a reason I mention the hovering mechanic outside of its reinforced shields and its lack of overheating while doing so. The Storm also gets end-game seals and components that benefit its hovering capabilities. There’s even a heavy pistol called the “Avenging Herald” that has an ability called “Raptor’s Deadeye”, which increases that pistols damage by 200% while in a hovering state; it’s quite the match made in the Heart of Rage.

There are also seals, such as “Ponder Infinity” (as seen above along with the Avenging Herald) that benefit from a Storm’s hovering state, allowing for a buff called “Raptor’s Amplitude”, which also increases the abilities damage by 60% while in a hovering state. So it’s worth taking note that you need to learn how to hover, how to get in and out of a hovering state, and most of all – how to manage your time in the air.

The Storm isn’t like the others. Once its shields are down, it’s vulnerable, and enemies will work to eliminate the biggest threat as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, that’ll be you, the Storm in this scenario. In the Grandmaster Level 1 difficulty, you’ll already find that the Storm is at a disadvantage due to how many shields your enemies have, but that doesn’t mean your Javelin useless. It means you’ll need to master your Masterwork Blast and Focus Seals as you earn them and it also means you’ll need to know when and when not to hover.


You can repair friendly Freelancers while hovering as a Storm Javelin

Here it is. One of your biggest perks as a Storm and one that is most relevant to the section above. Hovering. It’s a glorious and amazing thing to do. Unfortunately, it’s not near as fun on the other Javelins as it is the Storm. This also makes you an extremely valuable asset to your team. You’re fast when you’re on the go and your ability to sustain flight is all the more important.

During the course of an Expedition, whether it’s a Stronghold such as the Heart of Rage or during Freeplay World Events, you’ll find that you have one major advantage over the rest.

You can revive your teammates while you are hovering. You don’t give up your defensive capabilities nor your mobility if you need to get out of a sticky situation. It’s best to keep this in mind while you are exploring all of what Bastion has to offer.


Your ability to Prime and Detonate combos is some of the best in the game

Much like Mass Effect series, Anthem follows through with its own unique variation of that exact same system by taking it one step further and letting it evolve into something absolutely fun to experience. Because of the Storms ability to control the elements, you’ll find no other Javelin that can do exactly what the storm can nor will the other three execute it just as well.

The Storm is, for all intents and purposes, a Combo master. Your ability to carry two primers such as Shock Burst, Living Flame, and Shock Burst makes you stand out among the rest. You are using one of the most diverse Javelins of them all and because of that, you are essentially one of the most powerful supports in the game.

Your only drawback? Your Detonator with two Primers is your melee, making it so you will need to get in close, use your melee, and get the Hell out of Dodge before an enemy punches you in the face. It’s worth keeping that in mind when playing a Storm and running double Primers. If you aren’t, it’s also worth noting that you also excel at being a Combo master yourself.

Your combos are among some of the best in the game, allowing you to freeze, shock, or even set your enemies ablaze with the power of ice, lightning, and fire. Each of them having their own effect on enemies with basic health, armor and or shields. You’ll be able to overcome most odds without finding yourself overwhelmed, it makes you a valuable asset to your squad and it makes you an essential piece of a much larger puzzle.


Now go unleash the fury of the elements on your foes

In closing, there’s a lot more you need to know. You’ll need to know what elements do what, what their status effects do, and just how useful they actually are. In the end, it’s not just you that will be doing these combos and delivering a bang for their buck, but you are the one who will be setting most of them up.

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Anthem is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

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