Bethesda to release RAGE 2, DOOM Eternal, Fallout 76, and more on Steam


Bethesda isn’t going to lock their biggest hitters of 2019 behind the Bethesda Store, but instead, they’re releasing them on Steam when they launch.

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John Romero’s SIGIL gets physical copies from Limited Run Games


Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of DOOM ripping and tearing its way through gaming history, former DOOM developer John Romero has revealed the upcoming release of his megawad as a spiritual successor to the fourth episode of the game. But now, he’s also revealed some really badass nostalgic collectibles you’ll want to consider purchasing.

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25 Years of DOOM: Reflections of Ripping and Tearing over the years


For 25 years, Dustin has been ripping and tearing his way through one of the most beloved franchises in the history of gaming and now, he reflects on the series on both a personal and professional level. Let’s Rip and Tear.

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DOOM is celebrating 25 years of ripping and tearing into the forces of Hell


Originally having launched in 1993 on a floppy disk, DOOM has exceeded all expectations and has served as one of the longest-running first-person franchises with numerous sequels, spin-off titles, films, comics, and has become a centerpiece in the pop culture lexicon. Now, it’s time to celebrate 25 years of DOOM.

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QuakeCon 2018: id Software confirms DOOM Eternal will have story DLC


The upcoming sequel to DOOM (2016) is already slated to feature story DLC, which will expand what’s already being worked on in the core game and help expand the DOOM universe in ways we’ve never seen.

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DOOM Eternal gameplay reveal to happen during QuakeCon 2018


As we prepare for our “Road to QuakeCon” series, id Software has kicked it off with the announcement that should have DOOM (2016) fans reeling as they have confirmed that DOOM Eternal’s gameplay reveal will take place during QuakeCon 2018.

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DOOM Eternal: Dissecting the trailer and its subtle nods to DOOM II (Updated)


During the rather brief trailer for DOOM Eternal, id Software gave away some major hints about where, what, and who we are fighting. But the bigger question is – did you see them all? Dustin breaks down some major important secrets hidden within the trailer.

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DOOM Eternal revealed, introduces the Archvile and more, trailer released


DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel to the award-winning and critically-acclaimed DOOM (2016). The upcoming game will see Mick Gordon return with an entirely new soundtrack to rip and tear to.

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DOOM II could be teased at E3 2018 and here’s a few features we’d love to have



[Credits: id Software]

It’s no surprise that Bethesda takes a lot of pride in the work their developers do. They’ve provided us with some of the most unusual and enjoyable masterpieces on the modern day market. As part of their goal to make some of the best looking games that offer us experiences and stories unlike any other, Bethesda and the developers under their umbrella have had their work cut out for them over the past few years.

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Review: DOOM – Ripping and Tearing on the go with a Switch


+Handles extremely well on the Nintendo Switch, allowing for intuitive control schemes to work
+Frame rate and resolutions are quite impressive feats on the Nintendo Switch
+Multiplayer works quite well, connection stability is comparable to both PC and console versions

-Being able to enlarge the UI while playing would be quite the welcome sight while in handheld mode

It’s hard to imagine that after 20 years, id’s magnum opus would finally make way to a Nintendo device. The company, Nintendo that is, has been stiff about the type of games they want on their devices, opting for more family-friendly games versus adult-focused titles that bask in the glory of ultra-violence and blood-filled delight as enemies are splattered across a room after being hit with a BFG 9000.

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