DOOM Eternal: Breaking down some important details from the latest trailer


DOOM Eternal’s latest trailer is finally here, giving us our first look at a greater universe, one where the Doom Slayer gives us our first glimpse of him without his helmet, what happened to Samuel Hayden, and our first glimpse of Heaven’s forces.

As we continue gearing up for the release of DOOM Eternal on March 20th, 2020, id Software and Bethesda are giving us another chance to look at a much bigger universe, one where the forces of Heaven and Hell both as players dig through the world, allowing them to take on brand-new enemies including the Marauder, the Gladiator and the absolutely devastating power of the Crucible weapon itself.

Earlier today, Bethesda gave us our first glimpse of what had happened to the Doom Slayer, Hell, Mars, and even Doctor Samuel Hayden after the events of DOOM in the latest trailer for the game. In this latest entry, players will face off against the forces of Heaven, Hell, and even mankind itself as they stare down against some highly-anticipated enemies including the return of the Archvile and the Arachnotron.

However, one thing you aren’t seeing a lot of, which is a full breakdown of what you should take note of from the latest trailer for DOOM Eternal.


In DOOM Eternal VEGA isn’t dead after all

If you remember right, DOOM had a lot of twists and turns despite how minimalistic the story actually was. One of the biggest things to take away is that VEGA is somehow back. In DOOM, you may recall that the VEGA Core was destroyed when players made a turn to the facility, destroying every cooling pylon that VEGA had.

Alongside it, the best option was simply: Destroy VEGA. You may recall, however, Doom Slayer does create a backup of the AI itself. While we are unsure what Samuel Hayden does and doesn’t know at the end of DOOM; it is possible that Hayden discovered the backup on a Preator Chip and eventually used it to restore VEGA to full functionality.

At the beginning of the latest trailer, it is worth noting that VEGA is back and he is calculating the total death count of Earth’s population as Hell’s forces pour onto Earth itself.


DOOM Eternal might be seeing the Cyberdemon as a regular foe

One of the staple point enemies next to the Archvile and the Arachnotron is the Cyberdemon. This big guy has been a franchise regular since DOOM launched in 1993. Even now, they remain an extremely important part of the game, one where players knew things were about to get rather serious.

Now, it seems the Cyberdemon is about to become a rather frequent foe that you will be facing off against, one that you’ll be tearing through on a regular basis. If anything remains like it had been before, you will find yourself ripping, tearing, and blasting your way through every enemy that you can.

Assuming everything remains the way it should be, you can expect some rocket ammo from this guy, or you know, a classic beatdown of epic proportions.


A hub world for the Doom Slayer seems slightly likely

One of the interesting things to take away from this is that we’ve seen a single room with a portal more than once. If everything seems right, it looks like DOOM Eternal is going to be one of the biggest titles yet. Assuming this is the case, it looks like we could see a hub world for DOOM Eternal, something we’ve only seen in a handful of games before.

Since DOOM Eternal is booting up an entire universe, one where Heaven, Hell, and the likes are all getting ready for a major showdown – we can assume that we’ll also get to select what gear we want to upgrade, what upgrades to the Praetor Suit we obtain, and just in general, a place to chill.

While the idea of a Hub World or Hub Point isn’t exactly something all of us may want, it does sound like something that could work while selecting where and when players want to go.


DOOM Eternal will see new weapon upgrades

If you are looking at wondering what more you can expect. New weapon modes will exist, you will get to attach new and various attachments that will see you approach combat in entirely new ways than before. Plasma Rifle won’t see you stunning enemies and making giant pools of burning plasma, but instead, a giant beam of energy coming from it in a new alternative firing mode.

We even see the Chaingun get a nice little upgrade, adding a full-frontal shield, and the ability to strafe while dispatching as many enemies as you can, as quickly as you can. Now, let’s just hope we can wield a giant suit of armor and take down a demon that’s several miles tall.


The forces of Heaven won’t be our allies

If anything seems to be an ongoing theme here – it’s that Heaven won’t be our allies. It looks like they’re going to be facing off against the Doom Slayer himself. By the looks of the trailer, it seems that Heaven’s forces aren’t up for what the Doom Slayer has in mind: Bringing the end of all things to a form of conclusion and saving humanity itself.

Because of this story element, it seems that we might be taking anyone that opposes the Doom Slayers’ ultimate goal, which is to just mercilessly slaughter any opposition that he must eliminate. While it seems that the Angelic forces could be siding with the Doom Slayer at some point or another, don’t think it’ll be that likely.

Does this mean we should expect some Heaven-themed weapons entering the fray?


The Titan’s aren’t dead, they’re very much alive still

One of the things that DOOM seemed to get us to believe DOOM 64. is that the Titan’s, gigantic DOOM Eternal showcases this in its recent trailer. Instead, there’s more than one and we even see one of them killed by what we can assume is some gigantic anti-demonic fighting robot or titan from the Heaven itself.

What we don’t know is what, where, when, why, and how. The only thing we do know is that Doctor Samuel Hayden could very well be the catalyst that set all of these things into motion. Now, we’ve got a lot of questions: Why is there, what seems to be, more than a single Titan?

Is there a bigger force at play than what we are aware of? We’ll find out much sooner than we will later.

DOOM Eternal is set to release on March 20th, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. All pre-orders will ship with a copy of DOOM 64 as a pre-order bonus today.

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