DOOM Eternal to get more updates in 2021 following the release of The Ancient Gods – Part 2

id Software’s Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton thanked fans for a solid year of DOOM Eternal and have revealed that now that “The Ancient Gods – Part 2” has shipped, they are focusing on more updates for the game.

There’s no secret that fans are absolutely loving what DOOM Eternal has to offer. It’s brutal, it’s bloody, and it’s much faster than its 2016 predecessor. The Doom Slayer is an absolute force to be reckoned with and the ending of “The Ancient Gods” has given us a lot to chew on as we set our eyes to the future.

Those looking to know what’s next need to wonder no more as id Software’s Executive Producer Mary Stratton appeared in a brief celebratory video alongside Game Director Hugo Martin to thank DOOM Eternal fans for their continued support.

From the DOOM Facebook community, there are a few hints at what is coming, which could include new Master Levels, enemy variants, gameplay enhancements, and new seasons for fans to enjoy.

However, the only thing we know is in the works: Master Levels are in the works as they didn’t ship alongside “The Ancient Gods – Part 2” (our review is in progress). Fans who want to put their true skills to the test can do so in those very levels and show just how lethal of a slayer they actually are.

It may come as no surprise to fans if next-gen console enhancements are in the works that include Ray Tracing, unlocked framerates, and or 4K resolutions. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you up-to-date as announcements are made by id Software.

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