Safe In Our World launched its first-ever charity bundle

The first-anniversary charity bundle sale via Fanatical, which will help support free mental health CBT Courses for games industry professionals as well as gamers themselves. Here’s what you need to know.

There’s no denying that mental health and mental health awareness remain important as ever, even more-so in 2020, with the pandemic, the stresses it brings on, but also, our every day lives when putting all of those factors aside.

Mental health remains a strong topic, one we can’t stop discussing, and one we hope won’t stop being discussed no matter the cost. To help continue pushing that narrative forwards, the Video Games Mental Healthy Charity, Safe In Our World, is celebrating its first anniversary with its first charity bundle that is dedicated to provoding free Mental Health CBT courses for games industry professionals and gamers around the world.

The first-ever anniversary bundle can be purchased for $4.99 and only 10,000 sets of these keys are available for this extremely limited-edition bundle.

As part of their charity event, Safe In Our World has teamed up with Fanatical to deliver the bundles, which can be purchased here for a limited time. To help raise awareness about mental health itself, you can jump on in and purchase the bundle to receive the following games:

  • AVICII Invector by Tim Bergling aka AVICII / Hello There Games
  • Dear Esther: Landmark Edition by The Chinese Room / Curve Digital
  • Fractured Minds by Emily Mitchell
  • GRIS by Nomada Studio / Devolver Digital
  • Meadow by Might and Delight
  • RiME by Tequila Works / Six Foot
  • The Town of Light by LKA / Luca Dalco

The proceeds from the bundles sold will go to the creation of Safe In Our World’s very-own tailored, games-focused, Mental Health CBT coruses, which will provide much-needed mental health support at no cost to the veterans within the video games industry. Donations can be tagged onto the actual purchase cost in order to help grow the much-needed support for mental health within and outside of the gaming industry.

As part of their 1st Anniversary Bundle, fans can continue supporting the foundation, allowing it to continually grow and push a global effort in breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. As part of their campaign after launching just a year ago, they’ve been joined by 505 Games, the Embracer Group, Wargamer, Curve Digital, NDreams, Mediatonic, Wired Productions, and many more where they’ve come to support over 10,000 employees.

“2020 has been such a trying year for us all, but we are so proud and thankful for the impact Safe In Our World has been able to make in our industry so far,” said Leo Zullo, Safe In Our World Chairperson. “We now look to 2021, expanding our team and opportunities, as well as further increasing awareness, access and positivity towards mental health and mental health fa cilities in the games industry. Our message remains the same; it’s ok to not be ok. We have a duty of care to our gamers and our people and we implore the whole industry to unite and ensure this is considered at all times.”

Within a year, the initiative has continued to grow, breaking all expectations since its launch during World Mental Health Day. They’ve even managed to launch a COVID-19 Hub where folks can find tips, articles, and resources, during the COVID-19 pandemic to help their followers, but also, let them enjoy titles such as Fractured Minds, which help show the challenges of mental health problems that are increasing at alarming rates.

You can learn more about Safe In Our World today by visiting and seeing why we are proud supporters of the organization today.

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