Destiny 2 Eyes on the Moon: Unlocking the Vex Offensive

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Unlocking the Vex Offensive can be a doozie, but here’s our guide to help you complete Eyes on the Moon and jump straight into the Vex Offensive six-player mode.

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Opinion: Destiny 2 can Learn from Tom Clancy’s The Division


At their core, both Destiny 2 and Tom Clancy’s The Division are hardcore shooters underneath the RPG and MMO elements. Both games are always online titles where players can group up in order to face down AI-controller enemies in cooperative play. Toss in the RPG bit where players are leveling up their characters and grinding for loot and you have the MMO-hybrids fans have come to know and play.

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Destiny 2’s Eververse isn’t a Problem, Here’s What Is

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When you read about Destiny 2 as of late, the headlines are pretty similar. They all are stating that Destiny 2 is in a tough place. If you ask the fanbase, they’re pretty aware of the state it’s in and they’ve been extremely vocal about its current situation. One of their biggest concerns just happens to be the companies over-reliance of microtransactions and forcing them down the communities throats.

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