Destiny 2: Forsaken – How to get more Eververse Bounty Notes


Since the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken, fans have one more polished off their armor, brandished their weapons, freed The Reef from the Scorn and even avenged Cayde-6’s death, but now, a new item may seem rather elusive – Eververse Bounty Notes. Here’s how to get more.

Bounties are nothing new to the world of Destiny 2. By now, you’ve grown adjusted to how the reputation systems work. You’ve figured out who to talk to, how to get their gear, and you’ve even taken to earning the Season 4 engrams for the Eververse shop. After all, who doesn’t want the new shiny gear, the new ships, sparrows and even doing some bounties for Tess Everis.

But you’re out, you don’t know how to get more of these Bounty Notes, which means you can’t do her daily bounties. So how exactly do you earn these items? Well, it’s almost as simple as one may think. First, you need to “level up” once you’ve hit the level cap of 50. At this point, each one of the engrams you unlock for the Eververse will give you a single note for you to obtain bounties with.

These bounties do vary in cost ranging from a single bounty note up to seven or eight. Just remember, be sparing with your tickets as you do only get one per engram. While you are certainly bound to get plenty more as you progress through the game, grinding for gear and raising your light level.

Hopefully this will help you out in your grind for this seasons gear that can only be purchased with real money value or working your way up by leveling up.

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