Opinion: Bungie has once again screwed us all with Destiny 2’s DLC scheme

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After the launch of Destiny 2, everything seemed to be going great for Destiny 2 until the player drops off began, streamers began to stop streaming the game, and fans began to become disgruntled with the game’s gameplay mechanics. Now? They have something else to be infuriated by.

I’m not sure how many times I told myself I would never buy Destiny 2. During my tenure at MoviePilot via Creators Media, Inc., I’d told myself things would get better, even after explaining to my editor’s why the game had me holding heavy reservations regarding Bungie’s future approaches with their franchise.

I’d even gone on record more than once explaining how I had no hope for Destiny 2. But there I was, standing in line at GameStop, my fingers crossed over my chest, eyes staring at the floor, and I told myself more than once that things would change. But my gut knew otherwise, it knew things would only get worse, and Bungie would be pining for a chance to make things better for their fans.


After all, Rise of Iron was outstanding, offering dozens of hours of new experiences, content to explore, and a raid that was unlike anything we’d ever seen in a shooter. It seemed as if Bungie had learned from their past mistakes with The Dark Below and House of Wolves, both of which were ill-received by fans and media due to their lack of content. However, it had seemed things would soon change with The Taken King.

However, flash forward to how many of us had lined-up at a local retailer, hands curled as our palms grew sweaty, some of us hoping for the better than the worst. Flash forward to now, and here we stand, in the same situation we had been with Destiny. The content added little meaning, the game was lackluster in comparison to its predecessor, but shined in mechanics, showing that Bungie had learned from their past mistakes.

I even noted that the story felt as if it was holding back its punches, that it didn’t have as much to offer as the previous entry when I reviewed the game’s initial launch. Toss in Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris and I found myself uninstalling the game faster than I had jumped in line at GameStop. Enter Destiny 2 – Expansion II: Warmind and I was once more willing to give the game an earnest chance at redeeming itself from my past experiences.

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Within a week, I’ve once more uninstalled the game. Not because it’s a bad game, but rather a bigger reason. Are you ready?

Bungie hasn’t learned a damn thing. They took on the idea that their fanbase and the critics (myself included) would look past their past mistakes and give them a first, second, and third chance with Destiny 2. Let me be clear. I’m done. I’m walking away. Sure, I figured Destiny had come a long way with The Taken King and Rise of Iron. Those two MASSIVE expansions lead me to have hope with how Bungie set everything up with the terms “Expansion I” and “Expansion II”.

Not that it isn’t misleading to say “Expansion I” and “Expansion II,” but what is? The content, or the lack-there-of. There’s none to really enjoy, the DLC (which it should be called), didn’t add a ton to the story. Sure, we get to see a Hive Worm God, sure, we see Rasputin in all his glory, and even get to see the Clovis Bray research facility that he calls home. But what we don’t see? The story moving forward.

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We don’t see an individual raid that would help move our story forward or at least give us an idea regarding future content. Instead, we get the final piece of the Leviathan Raid (or so we hope). We get to see what the final piece to that hulking raid actually looks like, which seems like a recycled portion of content that should have been available at the launch of Destiny 2.

But now, a more troubling occurrence is bound to happen. Bungie and their publisher, Activision, will launch a massive DLC later this year, rather an expansion, that is what players should have received free of charge. That’s what season passes are for, major content, not minor content drops, not pieces of a game that feel like a second thought.

As of now? I’m walking away. I’m not letting Bungie steal another dime from me, even if it means having a lack of content to write about. After all, David has heard “Guardian Down, for the very last time and now, so am I. I’m uninstalling Destiny 2 sooner than later. I won’t be sticking around and neither should you be. So long fellow Guardians, you will be missed.

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