Destiny 2 is now free for PlayStation Plus subscribers


Ahead of the official launch of Septembers PlayStation Plus bonuses which includes God of War III Remastered and Destiny 2, Bungie and Sony have upped their game by releasing Destiny 2 almost a week ahead of the PlayStation Store update for PS+ users.

Just after announcing next months PlayStation Plus titles which includes Destiny 2, the sequel to Bungie’s smash-hit title Destiny, a bold move has been made to help prepare their fans for the upcoming Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion. When checking out the PlayStation Store for the latest specials, offers, and ideas for editorials, one inkling of an idea appeared right before us: Destiny 2 is now available for free.

You read that right. Destiny 2, just the base game, is available for free of charge.

This means you can save yourself some money on the game and just purchase the DLC as you want in order to play the game with your pals who’ve had a rather large headstart on yourself if you have yet to play it. While you will still throw out a good $90 USD for the DLC Pass and the Annual Pass, you’ll still be able to get the game for less than half of what most Day One fans had spent on the game.

So what do you have to do to get it? Just go to the PlayStation Plus offers through the PlayStation Plus logo on your home screen, go to where Destiny 2 is and redeem the game for free of charge, or just use your browser and head on over to the PlayStation Store to put the game in your download queue today.  The only downside to owning this version? Well, there’s no downside really. You’ll have a free copy of Destiny 2 alongside your PlayStation Plus membership.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t, you can check out our review for Destiny 2 today.

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