Destiny 2 Eyes on the Moon: Unlocking the Vex Offensive

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Unlocking the Vex Offensive can be a doozie, but here’s our guide to help you complete Eyes on the Moon and jump straight into the Vex Offensive six-player mode.

When it comes to unlocking the new Vex Offensive mode in Destiny 2 and completing the Eyes on the Moon quest. To begin, when you first log in, you will be taken straight to the tower, no rhyme nor reason behind it – despite the fact a new video opens up, describing more about the Black Garden and its sudden surge of activity.

From there, you will need to visit Ikora once you load into the tower, speaking to her in regards to the Vex activity on the Moon and in the Black Garden itself. From there, you’ll want to depart to the Moon and begin killing as many of the Vex as you can. If you’ve done the Escalation Protocol’s, get ready for something very close to that.

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You’ll want to make sure you are at each of these areas, they’re highlighted on the map (as depicted above) where to expect them to occur within that region. From there, you’ll want to kill 100 Vex enemies and three Gate Lords (they are specially named Minotaurs).

After killing enough of them, a final boss will appear, spawning in a specially named one called the “Overlord”. A word of advice: Use the Anti-Barrier Rounds you get from your Gatelords Eye off the Season Pass. They’ll work great against many of the Vex you will be fighting as some will have barriers.

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Once you completed eliminating the 100 Vex and the three required Gate Lord jerks, head over to Eris Morn in Moon’s Sanctuary to unlock the Vex Offensive. Oddly enough, it’s an easy unlock, the mode itself is fun and will leave you bashing the heads off of many Vex Goblins for hours to come.

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