Nolan North will be the voice of Cayde-6 in Destiny 2: Forsaken


Nathan Fillion confirmed with Kotaku during their Splitscreen Podcast that he was unavailable to reprise his role as Destiny 2’s most beloved Exo – Cayde-6 – due to the fact he was unavailable. Nathan Fillion fills in the rest as Nolan North dawns the famed Exo’s cloak and frame.

Since its rocky launch last year, Destiny 2 has been in a peculiar spot when it comes to keeping its talent and offering experiences that fans want to be apart of, enjoy, and love. One of those experiences just has to be the comedic value with the Vanguard Exo by the name of Cayde-6 who has been voiced by Nathan Fillion since the launch of Destiny in 2014.

With a strange turn of events getting underway, Nathan Fillion has confirmed that he was unavailable to reprise his role as Cayde-6 in the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion dubbed “Forsaken“. Here’s what he had to say during his interview on Kotaku’s Splitscreen podcast.

Unfortunately these things don’t work out and it’s a little bit heartbreaking but if it has to go to someone else, then thank god it goes to someone I absolutely love and the fans love – the character was in good hands.

The odd part about this all? Let alone does Nolan North already voice Ghost, having taken the role from the fan-beloved Dinklebot voice actor Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, X-Men: First Class), he also will be taking on the role of voicing Cayde-6 in the series, meaning, it’ll be Nolan talking to Nolan throughout the game as Ghost acts as the players voice (for some strange reason).

Toss in the fact that Nathan Fillion just played Nathan Drake – also played by Nolan North in the Sony exclusive series Uncharted – in an Uncharted live-action short produced by Allan Unger, we can only assume something big is going on behind the scenes. At this rate, we’re preparing for Destiny 2 to be the “Nolan North 2” as some elaborate prank as other actors begin to move on – if they do.

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