The Division 2’s 9th Season to release on May 12th, includes a all-new mode

Ahead of the May 12th, 2022, release date for The Division 2’s Season 9, Ubisoft has outlined what players should expect, including a new PvE mode called Countdown, and plenty more.

If you own Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York, you’re in for a bit of a treat. Today, Ubisoft has outlined what fans can expect when Season 9 launches tomorrow. The new content drop will include not just a few things to do, but quite a bit, to be quite honest, including an all-new target to hunt named Captain Lewis, and four other high-ranking True Sons members.

Tomorrow’s all-new content drop also includes a new eight-player co-op mode called Countdown. This new mode will see eight Division agents work together in order to stabilize the plant and prevent a lockdown. Teams are split into two groups of four. Each group will have their own challenges to overcome while also taking out some rather familiar foes as they work their way through the plant.

Along with the raid comes the ability to obtain new weapons and gear. These items include the new Heartbreaker gear set, new Exotics, new named items, and plenty more. There will also be additional awards available with the Season 9 Pass when it becomes available. You’ll even be able to upgrade any gear obtained using the new Expertise feature.

The Expertise feature allows players to utilize a new way to improve their equipment with various upgrades such as damage, armor, and skill stats. Upgrades can be completed by using any item in the game. You can increase their capabilities as well as their base states in order to reach a new power level that may not have been previously available to them.

Twitch Drops will also be available starting May 12th, 2022, through May 31st, 2022. All streamers within The Division 2 category are eligible for Twitch Drops. Rewards available will include a Legacy Cache, two High-End Caches, and one Exotic cache. Drops will be available after one of watching. All four drops can be obtained if viewers watch four hours of streamed content.

Twitch Drops: From May 12 through May 31, all Twitch streamers within the The Division 2 directory are eligible for Twitch Drops. This means all viewers will receive free rewards if they watch any Division 2 streams during that period. Rewards include a Legacy Cache, two High-End Caches and one Exotic Cache. Drops will occur after each hour (watch Division 2 streams for four hours to receive all Drops).

A free weekend will be available starting May 13th through May 15th on all available platforms. Will you be on the hunt for the latest content?

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