DOOM Eternal ushers in Horde Mode and plenty of new content in its latest update

DOOM Eternal ushers in an all-new Horde Mode, Battlemode 2.0, and Master Levels as part of the DOOM Eternal 6.66 update. Are you ready to show the demons who the real slayer is once again?

If you’ve been wondering what id Software is up to, look no further, as the studio has just released its latest update for DOOM Eternal, which includes three new massive features for the game. This includes Quality of Life features, the all-new Horde Mode, and some serious tweaks to Battlemode with Battlemode 2.0.

In Horde Mode, players can show off their skills against other slayers with seasonal leaderboards in this new arcade-style mode. In Horde Mode, players will start off with access to the Doom Slayer’s complete kit including perks, runes, and upgrades, as well as a completely mastered Combat Shotgun for them to use.

Players will unlock new tools of destruction as they fight their way through three challenge-packed levels that will put all of their skills to the test. As players complete all encounters as well as puzzles, they have the chance to unlock seven new skins, including the DOOM II Slayer skin as well as the Biker Slayer skin. This can all be done as you compete against yourself and rival slayers for the highest score on the seasonal leaderboards.

This means completing bonus rounds, killing bounty demons, avoiding power weapons, and even trying the mode on higher difficulties for higher scores. Those wanting a reason to rip and tear really do have a new reason to rip and tear their way through the legions of demon’s that await them.

Alongside the new Horde Mode comes BATTLEMODE 2.0 where players will jump into a 2v1 competitive multiplayer mode, using an all-new streak-based Ranking System that comes with rewards, matchmaking, leaderboards, and an all-new Stronghold arena for players to jump into. That’s not all though. Players can also put the Slayer’s skills to the test by trying out the playable Dread kKnight themselves.

As part of their ongoing support of Master Levels, id Software has also released a remixed version of The World Spear and Mars Core Master Levels, which will put your skills even further to the test. Those wanting to try the new World Spear Master Level will need to own DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two in order to try out this version of the all-new Master Level.

DOOM Eternal and its 6.66 update are available on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles as a free title update.

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