Ubisoft and Mattel have brought Far Cry 6 to UNO in an all-new game mode

You can hear The Call of Yara with the latest update to UNO, which sees Far Cry 6, it’s cast, and unique gameplay elements come to UNO. Will you answer the call?

As Ubisoft sees Far Cry 6 continue to sell copies at mind-blowing rates, Mattel, Inc. and Ubisoft are giving fans a reason to take a break, step away from their showdown against the foes of Yara, and take a little trip over to Uno.

In the latest update, Mattel and Ubisoft have revealed that the classic UNO experience has been upgraded with an all-new mode, which has been released on all currently available platforms that UNO is available on, including Stadia.

The Call of Yara DLC is available for $4.99 and brings with it an all-new mode for friends to enjoy. The DLc includes exclusive themed-cards, immersive audio from the Far Cry 6 soundtrack, and some rules exclusive to The Call of Yara mode as revealed by Ubisoft.

In The Call of Yara, players draw seven cards and 300 Pesos at the beginning of each game. Players collect 100 Pesos at the beginning of their turn, which in turn, allows them to hire services of Libertad legends such as Dani Rojas.

Each character including Dani, Philly Barzaga, Juan Cortez, and Lucky Mama come with their own abilities as outlined by Ubisoft. So let’s take a look at just how much these Libertad legends can change how a match of UNO goes:

Dani Rojas:

  • For 500 Pesos: Pick one player to draw one to six cards.
  • For 800 Pesos: All other players draw one to six cards.

Philly Barzaga:

  • For 600 Pesos: Combine four colors to create a Wild card to play instantly.
  • For 1000 Pesos: Combine four colors to create a Wild +4 card to play instantly.

Juan Cortez:

  • For 600 Pesos: Discard one to three cards.
  • For 1300 Pesos: Discard four to six cards.

Lucky Mama:

  • For 200 Pesos: Prevent one player from calling for a service next turn.
  • For 400 Pesos: Prevent all other players from calling for a service next turn.

In order to beat your opponent, you’ll have to think strategically, planning out what to do with every move, and bring them down before they can change the game completely. Along with this new mode, UNO has received a new card for The Call of Yara called “The Guerrilla Recorder card,” which randomly affects each player’s wallet, and could see them gain hundreds of Pesos or suddenly see all their Pesos disappear.

Ubisoft has revealed that UNO: The Call for Yara DLC is available now and can be purchased for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia for $4.99. The UNO can also be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S through each platforms backward compatibility features.

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