Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.30 update is causing crashes on PS4 and PS5

According to reddit and social media, Marvel’s Avengers is crashing after Update 1.30, causing the game to become more unstable than it was previously.

Believe it or not, Marvel’s Avengers has a decent playerbase to this date. It has also received several post-release campaigns featuring both Hawkeye’s, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. According to the latest patch notes, Update 1.30 is finally here, bringing with it – well supposed to bring with it – improved performance. Unfortunately, it does quite the opposite according to multiple redditors and posts on Twitter.

Many have begun to claim that the patch is actually causing the game to become unstable, crashing when it wouldn’t before, rendering their experiences unenjoyable due to the consistency of those crashes. One redditor stating that “My game is broken now. After the newest patch, the game crashes when I try to load my save.”

He’s not alone. Our very own team members playing the title have been having the same issue on both PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5, making it tough to experience the content when necessary. However, with it being as widespread as it is, it does seem that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics should have a hotfix out soon once they find the core cause of the crashing.

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