Samurai Warriors 5 will unleash Ultimate Skills this June, new screenshots released

A new evolution is coming to Samurai Warriors 5 on July 27th, 2021, with the addition of new Ultimate Skills in the series known for its 1 vs. 1,000 gameplay elements. Here’s your first look at the new Ultimate Skills.

The release of Samurai Warriors 5 is very quickly arriving as KOEI TECMO America and developer Omega Force begin showcasing what their upcoming release will have to offer. The latest addition comes int he shape of new Ultimate Skills. These abilities will allow players to unleash incredibly powerful actions during combat. Waves of enemies will findthemselves suffering at your hand as their morale and ranks begin to diminish.

The new Ultimate Skills include Avalanche, Recuperation, and Relentless Storm. With Avalanche, players will be able to unleash a great spear into the ground, creating a shockwave that stuns their enemies, allowing them to unleash their most powerful attacks against their foes. If you’re at a slight disadvantage, you can unleash Recuperation, which will allow players to recharge their Musou Gauge while also increasing their offensive and defensive powers.

If that doesn’t hit hard enough, players can also take full advantage of Relentless Storm, allowing their hero of choice to thrust enemies into the air, beating them senseless, and – as you would guess – let the bodies hit the floor. If you think you are done there, you’re wrong, as you can also combo in your Pulse Ultimate Skills and Musou attacks into each of the Ultimate Skills to become the ultimate one-person wrecking crew you’ve always dreamed of being.

As part of the combat loop, Omega Force is bringing back Hyper Attacks, allowing players to travel great distances across the battlefield, attacking enemies in their path while also allowing for standard attacks to be unleashed in tandem. It’s a perfect opener for combat and you won’t be disappointed when combat starts.

Samurai Warriors 5 is set to launch on July 27th, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game will be playable on next-geon consoles via the backward compatibility.

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