The Elder Scrolls Online’s ‘Blackwood’ Chapter revealed for ‘Gates of Oblivion’

The all-new year-long story for The Elder Scrolls Online, Gates of Oblivion, will begin with the Blackwood DLC, which is set to launch on PC June 1st and on consoles on June 8th. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

It seems that before you know it, something big is going on in The Elder Scrolls Online. Recently, we just wrapped up our year-long adventure with The Dark Heart of Skyrim with our The Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth DLC review and now, we’re preparing for Blackwood, the latest Chapter in the ongoing The Elder Scrolls Online story.

Now, we know what our latest Chapter is called: Blackwood. It’s a year-long event that will see players face off against the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon 800 years before the critically-acclaimed story of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion took place. The new story will pack more than 30 hours of new main storyline content, countless side quests, and a bountiful amount of quality of life features, which will include Companions who will join you throughout your advnetures in Tamriel.

The new Chapter will take place from the walls of the Imperial City of Leyawiin, which you might recall from your time in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. You’ll even get to explore the bogs of Shadoiwfen and the mysterious region of Blackwood, where the Daedric plot itself is being schemed. The new content will also feature Oblivion Portal World Events, the new Rockgrove Trial, and unique Chapter-specific rewards for adventurers both new and old to enjoy.

Alongside the news of the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure, players can also jump into the DLC scheduled for March 16th on consoles and March 8th for PC, Mac, and Stadia. The new Flames of Ambition DLC will include two new dungeons and will tie directly into the Blackwood Chapter when it launches in June.

Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios have confirmed more will be revealed about Q3 content in the future. You can check out the full blog post on The Elder Scrolls Online blog today for more information.

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