Anthem’s latest dev update outlines changes to Javelins

In a recent update about Anthem, BioWare Studio Director, Christian Dailey, gives an update that will be coming to the games Javelin suits, including, mod slots. However, it left us with more questions, than it did answers.

For nearly a month after its release, Anthem was all we could talk about. We loved it, actually, we did more than love it, we actually considered our Destiny killer, but unfortunately, it seemed that something was going wrong on the development side of the game.

The roadmap missed its mark, consistently failing at delivering long-awaited content and a seamless open-world experience. In many ways, it seemed that Anthem was a sinking ship, despite the positive feedback we had about the game, and even rating it rather high in our official review.

However, it seems that Anthem isn’t done quite yet and BioWare’s Christian Dailey wants us to know that some major changes are coming to how Javelin upgrades and modifications work. On Wednesday, Dailey opened up more about the Loadout screen, which might seem slightly familiar to those that played Destiny 2.

Much like its competitor title, Anthem now has 11 equippable slots, allowing players to use Mods in order to buff up their gear, making it as good as they can. Artifacts, of course, have joined the lot, allowing players to super power their Javelin and make themselves stand out from their fellow Freelancers.

Each Artifact will cater to the idea of what each class is capable of, including the Ranger’s rocket pod turning into a Skyfell Launcher, a back-mounted par of pods that transform into powerful launchers. This is just one example of how well this new system will work. That’s not all, however.

Another big chance is how each player uses their mech, which will earn them points, and in turn, unlock new abilities, passives, stat boosts, etc. The Ranger will have specializations such as Captain, Soldier, and Longbow available, and each can be upgraded by leveling up.

Each of these specializations represents a different play style as well. This is due to a new skill tree system that players will be able to look through and grab stats that fit their style the best. Something we’ve seen in the past with titles such as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Destiny, and Diablo.

At this very moment, we don’t know just a whole lot more about Anthem’s 2.0 update, which is expected to overhaul the game, much like how Shadowkeep overhauled Destiny 2. For what it’s worth, the NEXT update is something worth watching for as Anthem may not be the same game we knew from before.

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