PS4 Pro and PS5 sizes compared by Unbox Therapy

If you were curious to just how much bigger than a PlayStation 4 Pro the upcoming PlayStation 5 actually is, well, Unbox Therapy has given us the exact size differences in their unboxing video.

No matter what it is, there’s no doubt in the world that Lewis of Unbox Therapy on Youtube hasn’t already unboxed the item you are curious about. He’s unboxed the Xbox Series X in both its retail and prototype forms, he’s unboxed that amazing LG Wing and a few other devices, which all have our attention.

Now, they’ve gone one step further. Lou and the team at Unbox Therapy have given us an incredible look at just how big the PlayStation 5 actually is in comparison to a PlayStation 4 Pro. The stunning thing? The PS5 is an absolute monster, but its boxing, is actually rather simple compared to previous PlayStation hardware.

The surprising thing about the size is that the PlayStation 5 is almost a half a size bigger than a PlayStation 4 Pro, but also, it’s about as thin as one due to its form factor design. The simplicity of its setup also seems rather straight forward as the stand itself comes in its own sleeve, the controller, and even the cables needed to hook up the console do as well.

For what it’s worth, the video confirms the thing we’ve all been wondering: Just how damn big that thing actually is. Now, we all know, and we highly suggest you give the video above a full watch as Lou seems genuinely surprised by both the size and how light the console actually is. Don’t forget to give them a sub while you’re at it.

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