Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI collide in a limited-time event


Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI have seen their worlds collide in the latest event with The Maiden’s Rhapsody: Memories of an Unseen Realm collaboration.

Available from today until June 22nd, the Warriors of Light and Dark can take to a new limited-time event that sees the worlds of FFXIV and FFXI collide as they can meet up with Remumu, a reporter for the Harbor Herald who is hot on the heels of her latest story and is gearing up to see her career come to an all-time high as her investigations take her to work side-by-side with the Warriors of Light and Dark.

To kick things off, players can help her in her investigation by participating in the event and unlocking the exclusive Amatsu armor set worn by Iroha from Final Fantasy XI Online. The set is a multiple piece set, requiring players to travel to Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks and speaking to Remumu to begin the quest “A Journey to Remember”.

There’s a catch though! If you have completed it in the past, you can’t do the event again, which leaves the event to be available for newcomers and those that missed the event in previous years. It’s definitely worth checking out for fans both new and old and there is also a nice little lodestone page about the event!

To top things off, Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy XI’s Fan Festival events will resume in 2020 and 2021! You can check out the official teaser trailer for the Fan Festival down below alongside a nice little dev series about the creation of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers today:

Will you be giving the game a try? You can do so today through Steam, the PlayStation store or the official Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone site today.

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