Code Vein’s third and final DLC, Lord of Thunder, available now


Fans of Code Vein have a lot to be excited about as DLC 3, the third and final one, titled Lord of Thunder, has officially dropped for PC, PlayStation 4, giving players a lot to look forward to as a new ferocious fight awaits only the bravest of revenants.

IF you’ve already managed to conquer the Frozen Empress and Hellfire Knight, prepare for one final challenge, the Lord of Thunder. This ferocious boss, the Horror Hunting trials, and unique challenges await on the bravest and most skilled as players look to hunt down the last of the DLC content released for the game.

Players will be able to obtain costumes for Eva and Jack, new weapons, a new blood code, character creation items, and plenty more on this final adventure that will unfold before them. This new locale, featured within The Depths, will see players enjoy new and exciting story elements as they hunt down a final end-game boss who will put all their skills to the test, punishing those who make one vital mistake that could cost them their lives.

Bandai Namco has revealed that the DLC can be purchase for $9.99 as a standalone DLC or can be purchased as part of the season pass for Code Vein for $29.99, giving players access to both previous DLCs; Hellfire Knight and Frozen Empress, which launched earlier this year.

Stay tuned for our review of all three DLCS, coming soon.

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