Code Vein’s third and final DLC, Lord of Thunder, available now


Fans of Code Vein have a lot to be excited about as DLC 3, the third and final one, titled Lord of Thunder, has officially dropped for PC, PlayStation 4, giving players a lot to look forward to as a new ferocious fight awaits only the bravest of revenants.

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Code Vein’s Hellfire Knight DLC is now available

code-vein-Hellfire Knight 1

Code Vein’s first DLC pack is finally here and goes by the name the Hellfire Knight. The new DLC includes new Hellfire Knight boss, a new area within The Depths, and even a brand-new set of Blood Codes and weapons to utilize. Here’s the scoop.

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Code Vein’s 1.11 update is now available and brings with it major improvements

CODE VEIN_20191001055537_1

Released as a roughly 2GB update, Code Vein’s update 1.11 brings with it some major quality of life improvements including improved performance and faster load times. Here’s everything we know.

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Code Vein Review – Blood will flow

CODE VEIN Network Test Edition_20190601003442

Code Vein combines some of the most beloved story-telling elements we’ve seen from Bandai Namco since God Eater 3. With an anime-like touch to a game that blends the uniqueness of Soulsborne and God Eater into a single-handed approach: The question is, how well does it work? Find out in our review for Code Vein.
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Code Vein: Valuables and Gifting Guide


During your time with Code Vein, you’ll find valuable items that can be later turned into gifts for your favorite NPCs, but what exactly do those NPCs like and what kind of bonuses should you expect? Our guide will have you covered.

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CODE VEIN being given away to blood donors at TwitchCon


If you are at TwitchCon 2019, there’s a chance you can get a free copy of CODE VEIN this week and enjoy it at the cost of only one thing: You’re blood. Here’s the lowdown.

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Code Vein’s demo is now available alongside a brand-new look at the Insatiable Despot Boss


Code Vein is easily one of this year’s most anticipated games even after a year-long delay. To help players get ready for the upcoming release later this month, Bandai Namco has released a full trailer for the game alongside a fully-playable demo.

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CODE VEIN’s latest trailer shows off The Invading Executioner boss


As the September 27th, 2019, release date for Code Vein grows nearer, we’re getting another major look at the long-awaited action-RPG coming from Bandai Namco. Here’s our first look at the Invading Executioner boss.

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CODE VEIN’s Season Pass outlined with Digital Deluxe Edition pre-orders

CODE VEIN Network Test Edition_20190602035851

CODE VEIN’s DLC has been outlined through the newly announced Deluxe Edition pre-orders which are available for pre-order now. Get ready for quite a bit of DLC to enjoy. Let’s take a look.

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E3 2019: Code Vein gets an official release date for this September.


Credits: Bandai Namco

At long last, it seems our one year wait is finally coming to an end for Bandai Namco’s vampire-focused Action-RPG Code Vein, which is actually set to release later this year in September, to be exact. Here’s the scoop.

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