LEFT ALIVE’s 14-minute gameplay trailer features Wanzers and plenty of action


Now that we have some idea of what to expect from LEFT ALIVE and now we have some idea, which includes piloting a Wanzer.

Somewhere, somehow, it seems that FRONT MISSION was a series that was expected to go out without a glimmer of hope for a brand new game set in its amazingly well-designed universe. For nearly nine years, it truly seemed that Square Enix had given up on the well-established franchise, moving on after the poor reception that FRONT MISSION Evolved had received just nine years ago this September.

After many years of silence, Square Enix decided to do the unimaginable. They decided to make a FRONT MISSION title where players wouldn’t focus on the use of Wanzers. As a risky approach to the series, LEFT ALIVE has begun to grab the attention of FRONT MISSION fans. It’s a title that decides to ditch the focus on intense mech-based action for something a bit more subtle.

You play as various characters within the FRONT MISSION universe, each coming with their own unique story, gameplay elements, and narrative to bring to life within an overarching story. After months of ramping up the game’s promotional content, we can’t help but find ourselves a tad bit curious about what to expect of the title. To help us understand exactly what their upcoming game, our pals over at Square Enix release and official fourteen-minute long trailer for LEFT ALIVE.

In the trailer, we get to see plenty of gameplay elements ranging from stealth-based gameplay to some player-chosen dialogue before charging down the alley’s, quickly stealing an enemy Wanzer and raining chaos down upon their foes. The most surprising of it is the fact that players will get to pilot a Wanzer, something that seemed to not be apart of the game since the title was announced.

But now we’re confused. What is the game? Is it an action game? Is it a stealth-based game featuring action-packed scenarios? Or is it a survival-stealth game where you’ll be sneaking around behind enemy lines?

We just hope we can figure out if each character will have their own unique gameplay elements, or if the gameplay designs we saw will carry on throughout the entire game. Whatever it is, we know there will be some mech-on-mech action thanks to the 14-minute gameplay reveal. Unfortunately, due to the M for Mature Rating, we can only link you to the trailer and hope you’ll give it a watch for yourself.

LEFT ALIVE is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4 on March 5, 2019, for $59.99.

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