Fallout 76’s 2019 Roadmap to begin in March, Wild Appalachia starts soon


Fans of Fallout 76 now have an idea of what kind of content to expect in the upcoming months. With several seasons worth the new game modes, quests, stories, events, and plenty more, there’s a lot you’ll need to know.

As the first year for Fallout 76 prepares to get underway, Bethesda has released an official roadmap for 2019, which expands three upcoming seasons, some new game modes, quests, stories, and plenty more that will have us digging through the wilds of Appalachia for even more seasonal goodies.

Beginning on March 12, 2019, Bethesda has confirmed that the first update will drop called the Wild Appalachia update. In the official announcement about the Road Map, the team opened up explaining how they’re excited for the upcoming roadmap, “There’s nothing like the start of something new – for you and for us, and having millions of you join us on this new adventure is humbling for our studio. Thank you for sticking with us as we figure this online experience out together, and we do mean “together,” stated a Bethesda spokesperson.

In the first part of the 2019 Roadmap, Bethesda gives us our first look at the upcoming Wild Appalachia season, which kicks off in just a few short weeks:

  • New Quests: Shear Terror! – Uncover the ‘encryptid’ secrets of Appalachia in a new series of quests and encounters to separate monsters from myths.
  • New Quests: Ever Upwards – Journey to the deepest reaches of the woods with new stories for the legendary Pioneer Scouts. Earn merit badges, climb the ranks, and earn a customizable backpack for increased utility.
  • New Features: Legendary Vendor and Scrapping – Locate the mysterious Purveyor to exchange and scrap your unwanted legendary items for new legendary gear. For every star rating on a legendary item you scrap, increase your chances to get the legendary weapon or armor of your dreams.
  • New Features: C.A.M.P. Decorating, Player Vending, Functional Camera – Use items from your stash to decorate your C.A.M.P. Build vending machines and flag items for sale. Simply set your prices and walk away to continue your adventures in Appalachia, being sure to capture all your favorite memories using the new functional camera. The vending machines do all the work, you just need to count the caps.
  • New Features: Brewing and Distilling – Go on a new quest to discover the secrets of the forbidden brew Nukashine and bring the party back to your C.A.M.P with new brewing and distilling systems and recipes.
  • New Seasonal Event: Fasnacht Parade – Chase away Old Man Winter and quicken the coming of spring with the ancient festival of Fasnacht! Join the celebration and complete this new limited-time event to earn unique rewards in the form of festive Fasnacht Masks.
  • New Game Mode: Survival – This all-new game mode brings a higher-stakes PvP experience with fewer restrictions, increased rewards, and new challenges plus all the original content of Adventure Mode.

Along with the brand new events, modes, and features, there’s no doubt that fans of Fallout 76 can be prepared to see some brand new adventures on their horizon. With new crafting elements such as Brewing and Distilling, there’s hope that cooking recipes and even the chemical station could see a brand new inventory to enjoy. Unfortunately, it won’t be until this summer that players can expect to see new vaults open up for their enjoyment.


The summer update called “Nuclear Winter” will include Vaults 96 and 94, which will feature new high-level group Vault Raids, which will put even the best of the best to the test. Those who wish to take their game a step further will be able to enjoy a new Legendary Players feature that will allow them to become Legendary, resetting their characters with all new and more powerful abilities.

While the roadmap does give us some very specific details, there is no confirmation if these new quest elements will feature NPCs. You can read the full blog post here.

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