LEFT ALIVE’s 14-minute gameplay trailer features Wanzers and plenty of action


Now that we have some idea of what to expect from LEFT ALIVE and now we have some idea, which includes piloting a Wanzer.
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Win a LEFT ALIVE Original Artpiece by pre-ordering through the Square Store


As the release date for LEFT ALIVE quickly approaches, Square Enix has announced a chance for fans who preorder through the North American Square Enix store to win an original hand-drawn piece of art from Yoji Shinkawa.  Here’s everything you need to know.

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Left Alive: Score composers have teamed up and released a video about the music


Hidenori Iwasaki, Jordan Seigal, and Shinnosuke Miyazawa have officially teamed up to discuss how they brought the music behind LEFT ALIVE to life in their latest video. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Left Alive has to launch in March, Collector’s Edition announced


Left Alive is the first entry in  Front Mission series since the launch of Front Mission Evolved which launched in 2010. Now, we have an official release date for the latest entry known as Left Alive.

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Front Mission spin-off title Left Alive delayed into 2019


While many are highly anticipating a Front Mission spin-off title Left Alive has been delayed into 2019. While the delay itself isn’t a huge surprise, we can only suspect the reason is to better improve the game, enhance gameplay elements, and add in some content for fans to enjoy.

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Square Enix and Metal Gear Solid Artist Yoji Shinkawa Team Up for ‘Left Alive’ on PlayStation 4


During today’s PlayStation press briefing at Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has announced their exciting new survival action shooter ‘Left Alive’, which is set to launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in 2018.

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