Final Fantasy XIV Online: Shadowbringers Expansion Announced


As the story arch for Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion begins to wrap itself up, but now, things are taking a turn for the worst. A new set of Warriors of Darkness. Are you prepared for the dangers that await you in the Summer of 2019? Find out more today.

During the fan-festival that kicked off today, 14 million registered players around the world have already begun to celebrate the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV‘s newly announced expansion called Shadowbringers. The new expansion is set to launch in Early Summer 2019.

In the announcement during Fan Festival 2018, which kicked off today in Las Vegas, Final Fantasy XIV’s Director, Naoki Yoshida, revealed the stunning new trailer for the next chapter in this amazing epic. During the trailer, it was revealed that players will become a Warrior of Darkness in Shadowbringers, harnessing new features for players to enjoy.

It’s also been confirmed that the new expansion will bring in quite a bit of new content for fans to enjoy such as new player races, multiple new jobs, an increased level cap, new areas to visit, adjustments to the battle system, a vary of new battle, crafter and even some new gatherer content for fans to enjoy.


Square Enix also revealed a few new features that fans had been requested by players, Yoshida has also revealed that as of the release of 4.5 (coming soon), fans can take on the highly requested job of Blue Mage, which will be available soon. There are requirements however to this job as you will see below:

  • Must own A Realm Reborn
  • Lv. 50 with either a Disciple of War or a Disciple of Magic
  • Completed the 2.0 MSQ


Along with the reveal of the Blue Mage comes new features when Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers launches:

  • NPC “Trust” System: Players will now be able to fight alongside familiar NPCs.
  • New Game+ Feature: A feature that allows players to “replay” the FINAL FANTASY XIV main scenario stories.
  • World Visit System: Players will be able to travel to other servers on the same data center and interact with more players than ever before.

Square Enix has revealed that more information about the upcoming expansion will be available during Paris Fan Festival from February 2 to February 3, 2019, as well as the Tokyo Fan Festival from March 23, to March 24, 2019. You can view all of the Fan Festivals today free of charge via:

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated regarding the upcoming content for Final Fantasy XIV as they become available.

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