Fallout 76 players nuked a fissure site and Hell soon followed with an in-game event


Fallout 76 has been met with high amounts of anticipation from Fallout fans thanks to it focusing on cooperative play elements and high hopes for future cross-play. Now, a few users on Reddit decided to show the world what happens when you drop a nuke on a Fissure Site… Hell followed and it wasn’t happy.

For the past… I don’t know how many hours, I’ve sunk a lot of time into Fallout 76 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Already sitting at 15 on Xbox and 17 on PlayStation 4, I’ve spent a lot of time undertaking various quests, exploring various sites and I’ve been known to pelt a level 50 Scorchbeast or two with my weapons – not that I’d recommend such a thing at such low levels.

But what I haven’t done was what one of my favorite YouTuber’s by the name of Nickaroo93 and a few Redditors have done. The group decided, after getting the required amount of nuke codes together, to launch a nuke. However, this group didn’t decide to nuke another players camp or a random location. Instead, these four gentlemen had the balls to launch a nuke at something a bit more devious: A Scorched Fissure Site.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Scorched is a new type of variant in the Wastelands themselves. They are highly volatile, extremely aggressive and they absolutely have no sense of chill. In a sense, they’re a new type of radioactive plague that can change any creature they come in contact with. You learn all of this by simply playing the Firebreather storyline.


After dropping the nuclear bomb on the Scorched Fissure, something amazing happened. The world turned orange from the nuclear blast, radioactive waves have filled the air and well, these guys learned that maybe dropping a nuke on a fissure site wasn’t the greatest idea. Sure, they started a new event called ‘Scorched Earth’, but they were also given only thirty minutes to take out a lv. 95 Scorchbeast Queen. Along with her, a ton of Scorched variants followed suit.

The team encountered various Scorchbeasts (various types such as Diseased) at level’s 45-50, a ton of lv. 49 Ghouls and even Scorched Deathclaws that are just terrifying to see. In the video, Nickaroo93 and his team do manage to kill the Scorchbeast Queen and clear the event within its 30-minute timer, sitting at just 20 minutes to clear her out and take on as many of her adds as they could; quite an impressive task if you were to ask me.

For those unfamiliar with Fallout 76, nukes can be detonated in a variety of different sites. Each site will produce their own high-level enemies. You can hit towns, which may suddenly see a sudden increase in lv. 50 and above automatons once the nuke goes off. Other areas will release never-before-seen creatures, or in Nickaroo’s case, a ton of lv. 50 and up Scorched of various kinds.

Over the course of the video (embedded down below for your viewing pleasure, Nick and his team have shown just how crazy things can get as an entire area is surrounded in the nuclear dust, radiation and flames from the bomb. But Nick’s bomb isn’t the first to be dropped. Another was dropped during the beta, but it appears that Nick’s is the first to be as challenging as it is.

Nuked areas do serve a purpose though. It was announced at QuakeCon 2018 that these sites are important as they will have super rare materials, enemies and rewards for players to obtain. Players can even take on a number amount of beasts and death should be highly expected.

While Nick’s group and those that joined them made it look easy, you may want to consider gearing up, doing your events and preparing your power armor for one of the coolest things ever in a game. Just remember, because you killed the boss, doesn’t mean the fight is actually over. You can also check out Nickaroo93’s guide on how to launch your very own nuke and get your band of buddies together for a blast of a time.

Stay tuned for our review of Fallout 76 in the upcoming days. For fans looking to jump on in, Fallout 76 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will require approximately 54GB of storage space.

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