PUBG is declining in streamers according to the latest Streamlabs quarterly report


In a recent press release, Streamlabs, the minds behind Streamlabs OBS, the premier streaming software for PC gamers, has revealed some major changes in what games are being streamed through their software. Here’s everything you need to know.

In their latest quarterly report, Streamlabs has given us a look at some mindblowing details regarding the games being streamed, their popularity and even what games are seeing major growth in recent days. The biggest surprise of it all? The steady decline in how many streamers are streaming the now-declining streamer base for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has seen a steady decline in the number of active players in recent days.

In the report, the press team from Streamlabs OBS has confirmed that 40% of all Twitch streamers are using Streamlabs OBS in the past nine months. Among the two million active users over the past quarter, they’ve noticed a 30% decline in hours streamed for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds while Epic Games’ Fortnite  has seen a steady increase with 5.2x as many hours of live streamed content this quarter than runner-up title League of Legends with 19M vs 3.6M total hours streamed.

In their report, the company also revealed that they’ve seen a 128% increase in hours streamed for Fortnite. Among the growth, Streamlabs also gave insights into streaming platforms and their growth. The company has revealed that Facebook Live has seen a steady amount of growth at 55.3% total growth in active live streamers this year alone at 45K vs 70K from the previous years.

Twitch has also seen a monumental amount of growth at a 23% increase in active streamers from their previous quarter, a jump from 1.37M users to 1.63M. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s streaming service – Mixer – has also grown at 31.7% in active streamers which puts it up to 70K users from 53K last quarter. Streamlabs has also processed more than $34M in tips for a total of $106M across all streaming platforms in the past year. You can check out the infographic provided to us by Streamlabs down below.

Q3 2018 Quarterly Report-Final C

For those unfamiliar with Streamlabs OBS; the platform is a piece of software that allows for streamers to choose the platform of their choosing, allowing for them to accept tips, use widgets for follower goals, alerts, etc. The software allows for users to customize their streams to work how they want, download special streaming setups including overlays and scenes.

For more information about Streamlabs OBS, you can visit the official site for Streamlabs OBS and start streaming today.

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