Playdius reveals Edge of Eternity’s Early Access date for this November


After spending quite some time in development after a rather successful Kickstarter campaign, Midgar Studio and Playdius, a publishing branch of Plug in Digital, have revealed the stunningly beautiful JRPG adventure Edge of Eternity is ready to enter Early Access this November.

During their Gamescom 2018 announcement, Midgar Studio and Playdius have come out to announce that their successfully crowdfunded game, which debuted as a Kickstarter project, will be entering Early Access on Steam starting Nov. 29, 2018, and stands as one of the most anticipated titles within the JRPG community.

After the hard work of nine people – Midgar Studio that is – has openly come out stating that they are ready to welcome fans to explore their world of Heryon, a fantasy planet where your adventure takes place and where your JRPG classic elements will unfold before you.

Edge of Eternity is a labor of love designed as a tribute to JRPG classics,” says Jeremy Zeler, Head of Midgar Studio. “But building this ambitious JRPG has been a long journey. We still have a lot we want to deliver to make Edge of Eternity everything we want it to be. That’s why we decided to move forward with an Early Access launch.

To help eager fans become more excited, Midgar Studio has also revealed that Edge of Eternity will be a rather enthralling JRPG adventure thanks to its riveting story that winds together through numberous plot twists, heart-wrenching moments (can you really beat the death of Aerith in Final Fantasy VII?), and an astonishing soundtrack composed by industry veteran Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears Chronos Cross).

While players adventure through the alien world of Heryon, you will solve quests in multiple ways, each coming with your ability to make your own choices and face the consequences of the very choices made. Additionally, combat will be deep, it’ll be strategic, and players will need to consider every choice they make as they craft their gear, upgrade it with powerful crystals in order to unlock unique combinations of skills and power-ups for their characters to utilize.

Additionally, the cast will be magnificent, unique, and they will grow as well as evolve throughout your time with the game. You’ll get to see their characters unfold before you, their flaws, their hopes, their darkest secrets, but ultimately – you’ll get to connect with them in ways never-before-imagined in a JRPG title.

In an ongoing effort to support their fans, Kickstarter backers can look forward to starting the Early Access ahead of the Steam Early Access launch and will be invited to receive an invitation to join a private beta server starting next this September.

For full details on Midgar Studio’s upcoming development plans, please head to the official Steam and Kickstarter pages. Fans are also invited to join the official Discord channel, where the Midgar Studio team is very active.

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