Stormdivers is an upcoming Third-Person Battle Royale title from Housemarque

stormdivers_sc_01.pngWith the success of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s hard not to wonder just how far developers can go to offer one of the most unique Battle Royale titles on the market. To join Vostok Games in making a unique approach, enter Veteran Finnish development studio Housemarque with their newly announced PC exclusive by the name of Stormdivers.

Ever wonder what would happen if console gamers were opted out as a market altogether in order to deliver an amazing PC exclusive IP? Well, Veteran Finnish studio Housemarque is about to do just that with the launch of their new IP Stormdivers in 2019.

To make things a bit more unique, Stormdivers takes place in a rather near-future dystopia where their game gives an idea of what our future is like – and let us tell you – while the game is gorgeous, the world is not. The game will feature a sci-fi themed 3rd person approach, something many will be familiar with thanks to Fortnite and – again – PUBG.

Unlike both titles, players will see chaotic battles ensue before them as a nano-storm begins to swallow the beautiful and lush island they call their battleground. To bring it to life, Housemarque is going to use something they are well known for in order to separate themselves from the rest – their expertise in high-quality visual effects.

With Stormdivers we are entering new grounds as a studio that for over 20 years has been known for creating arcade coin-op inspired games,” said Ilari Kuittinen, CEO of Housemarque. “We began its development when battle royale was still a niche gameplay mode, yet despite the number of BR games on the market now, Stormdivers will excite players with its fast-paced gameplay, metagame, classes and various events, all packaged with Housemarque’s trademark high-quality visual effects. Stormdivers is more than just another battle royale game, and we plan to roll out new content regularly in the future to continuously expand the experience. We invite everyone to check out the trailer to see what we have in store!

Of course, to bring it all together, we’ve been given a bit of background behind these “Stormdivers” as they are called. These operators are a rare and special breed of people. They are able to descend upon this abandoned island, a place where nano-experiments that have failed have created an artificial storm that devours everything in sight. In order to master the game, you will need to master speed, you will need to master the element of surprise, but most of all, you will need to learn how to reap the benefits of scavenging for loot.

To bring the world to life, Housemarque has revealed that the game is being developed in Unreal Engine while being backed by both Amazon GameLift and Steam. Stormdivers will feature both PvE and PvP modes, which include PvE co-op missions, new playable areas, classes, and plenty more as time goes on.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated as more information is made available.

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