Just Cause 4 World Exclusive Tornado Gameplay Trailer Revealed


Since its rather successful reveal at E3 2018, fans have been clamoring for more of Rico Rodriguez and the antics he will be up to in the newly released Apex Engine, which Avalanche Studios has created in order to bring their destructive elements in the Just Cause franchise to life. Now, we’re getting to see that engine come to live with all new Extreme Weather events in the latest Tornado Trailer.

As we quickly approach the game’s Dec. 4, 2018, release date for JUST CAUSE 4, we can’t help but to want more of what the game has to offer and it seems that Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have heard the request of JUST CAUSE fans. Now, we have something to look forward to thanks to the latest trailer, which shows off the destructive force of several massive tornados as they rip across the land, giving us an idea of just how far the Apex Engine has come.

The most interesting aspect of this entire trailer isn’t the destructive force behind these tornados themselves. The most interesting aspect is that we get to see the debris, the planes, and every item they grab shoot off into their own calculated trajectories, each opening up a brand new gameplay opportunity being presented to us by JUST CAUSE 4. You can check out the trailer below, which includes Rico’s grappling hook making a return, its customizability, and even new features such as attaching multiple boosters and airlifters to any object in the game.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you up to date as more information is released ahead of JUS CAUSE 4’s launch. Meanwhile, check out our review for JUST CAUSE 3 today.

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