Star Wars: Battlefront II sees Emperor Palpatine temporarily removed


After the June 28, 2018, hotfix, EA and DICE have temporarily removed from Star Wars Battlefront II due to his overpowered lightning shenanigans. EA and DICE have officially made a statement about when or if he’ll return.

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Opinion: I’m not buying EA having learned their lessons from Battlefront II


Unless you’ve been digging through an interview on The Verge, you may or may not know what’s going on with EA and Patrick Söderlund, a long-time EA executive who was just promoted to EA’s chief design officer. With his promotion also comes a seat that’s already on fire due to the Star Wars Battlefront II controversy that led into some other EA high-profile titles and even some non-EA titles that have caught the attention of lawmakers around the world due to loot boxes being viewed as a form of gambling.

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The ESA Responds to Hawaii’s Proposed Legislations on Loot Boxes


In several countries, the move to ban loot boxes from games altogether is gaining steam. Several countries including Germany and Belgium have already begun to see them as a predatory practice as well as a form of gambling, which very well means that they could be getting regulations put against them in those countries before much longer.

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Did Disney Have Star Wars Battlefront II Crystal Purchases Disabled


If you’re the Star Wars franchise, you’ve had a really bad week, and it’s only seemingly been getting worse even with the removal of your latest games loot crates. For Electronic Arts, your week really hasn’t been the greatest of weeks, and it may only get worse in the upcoming days. Your latest game is one that has pushed upon the industries most discussed topic: confusing, expensive, and troublesome loot crates.

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EA Has Disabled All Microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II


With all the controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, EA has been adamantly listening to their highly devoted community, and even plagued by problems surrounding the microtransaction controversy surrounding their game.

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Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Fire Off the Campaign as a Book


If you’ve ever read World of Warcraft: Arthas, you know the works of famed writer Christie Golden. Christie is one that has brought the life of multiple worlds to reality and seems to continue doing so to this very day. The latest story she has brings our main character Iden Vesio her team to life via the games first book, which lets us see Star Wars Battlefront II come to life.

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