Rinoa and her dog Angelo are set to join Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s roster


As part of their ongoing support for the beloved Final Fantasy fighting series, Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy VIII’s Rinoa Heartilly will be joining the fight on PlayStation 4 later this summer.

Today, Square Enix has finally revealed that Rinoa Heartilly and her canine pal Angelo will be joining the fray in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as their ongoing support of the game continues. As a rather successful and critically acclaimed brawler, the game remains alive, filled to the brim with adoring fans taking on some of the most imaginative battles to date.

As part of the season pass, fans who own it will be able to pick up Final Fantasy VIII‘s Rinoa Heartilly and her canine companion Angelo free of charge. The two will be fighting side by side when Rinoa is selected. The two will seemingly appear as either a specialist that utilizes midrange to close range combat.

Rinoa will come with her renowned Blaster Edge as her weapon of choice, using it to shoot enemies from midrange while zoning in rather quickly with the ultimate ability that sees her sprout a pair of angel-like wings and transforming the arena into a flowery field as she darts about, attacking enemies from afar. You can check out the official trailer from Koei Tecmo Japan’s channel down below.

Rinoa is the third of five planned DLC characters for the season pass, joining the previously released characters such as Vayne Caradus Solidor from Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy VI‘s Locke Cole.

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