Final Fantasy XII’s Gabranth has joined the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Roster


As of today, players can take on the role of Judge Master Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT alongside a brand-new reveal trailer. Here’s what you need to know.

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Rinoa and her dog Angelo are set to join Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s roster


As part of their ongoing support for the beloved Final Fantasy fighting series, Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy VIII’s Rinoa Heartilly will be joining the fight on PlayStation 4 later this summer.

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Final Fantasy XII’s Vayne Caruda Solida to Join Dissidia Final Fantasy NT


Today, Square Enix has announced that Vayne Carudas Solido, the charismatic antagonist of Final Fantasy XII will be joining the roster in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as the first character of the game’s already available Season Pass. Square Enix has announced that Vayne will be available at the end of April for fans to utilize as a new and ambitious fighter.

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