Battlefield V’s to ditch loot boxes and DLC passes, gameplay trailer released


As EA kicks off E3 in an explosive way, Battlefield V has not disappointed with the reveal of the games enhanced gameplay systems. EA has confirmed that Battlefield V will be ditching loot box based microtransactions. The biggest announcement of it all? Battle Royale will be coming to Battlefield V.

It’s almost hard to imagine a world where Battlefield V didn’t have loot boxes. After all, in recent years, they’ve been a major revenue earner for both DICE and publisher Electronic Arts. However, during their EA E3 2018 press conference, EA and DICE made some major unexpected announcements for their upcoming title. The biggest one of them all? The removal of loot boxes altogether.

Long gone are the days of throwing down your hard earned money for the chance to earn the weapon skins you wish to have, but more surprisingly? They are also ditching DLC altogether. It seems that after Star Wars Battlefront II‘s loot box-centered fiasco, EA has turned a new leaf and wants to keep their fans from being split after new maps and weapons drop.

However, what they have confirmed is also interesting. Battlefield V will see new types of destruction, team play, and vehicles as they have in recent years. You can check out the trailer down below.


DICE has stated we will get to see more regarding Battlefield V during Microsoft’s official E3 briefing tomorrow.

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