Save on The Surge, DLC, and grab the free Cutting Edge DLC Pack today

Robots, robots and more robots. What more can we say? Well, there’s plenty more we can say, but you know what? There’s some new DLC, which adds a reason to beat on robots, humans who’ve become zombie-like creatures due to their neural implants going bonkers, and even a reason to grab some new armor and weapons to enjoy.

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have also announced that the latest DLC is now free for all available platforms and that players can also save up to 75% off the game on Steam, PlayStation Europe, and Xbox One. If you missed your chance, you can check out our review of The Surge: Complete Edition on PlayStation 4 today.

In this latest DLC pack called Cutting Edge, Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have revealed that players will be able to obtain 3 new armor sets, each providing their own unique abilities when worn as a set along with 3 new weapons to use, and 3 brand new jumpsuits for you to use. You can check out the descriptions of the suits down below.

  • The ANGEL was originally designed for operation in the harsh vacuum of space, some of the most inhospitable conditions known to man, and bestows faster attack speeds, better energy gain, and harder impacts on CODENAME weapons.
  • The ASCLEPIUS was meant to assist army veterans in gaining a new lease on life, but its regenerative powers will work well enough for you too.
  • The NANO WARD gear uses bleeding edge technology to give your blocks some serious explosive power – if you can time them right.

Along with these new sets, players can also take on some of CREO’s newest and untested combat weapons, prototypes that have yet to see the light of day and may never get a chance to do so with the events that unfolded before us.

  • The Experiment 44H, known as the Dark Star, never saw full production due to the madness of its creator, leading to him to sabotage the whole project before more than one prototype could be made. Its unique containment field will wreak havoc on enemies.
  • The Engelhart is a boost tool that uses state-of-the-art technology to become searing hot anytime, anywhere. As potentially dangerous to the wielder as their enemies, it requires skill and practice to use effectively.
  • The BioN J-1, codenamed Last Aid, is quite literally a surgical tool, originally designed for use in medical hospitals. After an unfortunate incident with a rogue doctor, it became known as a tool of carnage.

In order to access the new equipment, once the DLC is installed, you will need to head over to the Abandoned Production, Executive Forum, and Nucleus in order to face down against six new fearsome foes. Each will be adorned in the latest DLC gear and each will come with their own challenges that lie ahead.

The Cutting Edge Pack for The Surge is available today through the Windows Marketplace for Xbox One, PlayStation Store and for PC via Steam for free of charge.

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