How to get the most out of Monster Hunter: World’s Kulve Taroth Siege Event


Capcom has put a lot of hard work into Monster Hunter: World. We’ve gotten to finally take on the fearsome Deviljho, they’ve added in a new elder dragon by the name of Kulve Taroth, and they’ve even added an event-exclusive zone for the elder dragon as well. Toss into the mix that the elder dragon, its zone, and gear are a limited-time due to an event called “The Siege of Kulve Taroth,” and you may quickly come to realize that your time in this event is going to be precious.

What’s even more precious? The farming needed to be done on this boss in order to make the gear obtained from farming her event. While Kulve Teroth sounds as easy as can be, don’t let her “easy” difficulty fool you. Kulve Taroth is anything, but easy, so here are a few tips, tricks, and things you need to know in order to get the most out of her encounter while it lasts.

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Her fight is timed

Much like the lava-turned turtle-like elder dragon Zorah Magdaros, you are going to find that Kulve Taroth follows his footsteps. This gold covered elder dragon is a timed fight, which also means you need to do as much damage as possible, and you have to do it as quickly as possible in order to get the most out of her encounter.

When first starting out, you may notice that she’s not as easy as expected. You won’t break parts very easily starting out. The more time you put into a single siege (sieges can last approximately an hour) the better the rewards depending on how your team performs.

Stunning her, breaking her parts and even doing as much damage as possible is highly advised and this does mean to take your best set and ensure that if you have it equipped, you are focusing on your primary target as much as possible. But there’s a trick to this damage: Siege Level.

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Increasing your Pursuit and Reward Levels.

This is where things get interesting when it comes to Kulve Teroth. Unlike other creatures, Kulve Teroth’s event is based on your progress through each mission whether you win or lose that mission itself. Progression is important no matter what. The more damage done, the more parts are chipped off and the better your team (along with the others teams), the better the End of Siege rewards will be.

To do this, you want to do as much damage as possible by focusing on her horns, her chest, and tail primarily. The legs are an added bonus if they can be broken, but the primary object should be and always will be her beautiful and majestic golden horns. As you progress, you may notice something changes with every pursuit level: She takes more damage.

This will help emphasize the need to focus on her body parts mentioned above.

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‘Do not try this alone.’

Only participate in siege groups if the group is full or if you can fill a spot.

While this sounds like a dead giveaway, many may not realize one simple fact – she’s tuned automatically to a four-man squad. Progress isn’t based on a single squad, but groups of squads participating in a siege in order to get the best gear possible. Since Kulze Zaroth’s event-quest is timed, you may want to ensure you get an early start on this before the event ends.

There’s still a need for the groups in order to obtain the loot you need/want. It’s important when trying to achieve your group’s pursuit and progress levels. While a lobby of 8 out 16 won’t be enough to get things done and earn the necessary rewards you’d normally be working to earn.


[Credits: Capcom]

The loot varies based on your reward and pursuit levels

Just as stated earlier, your performance matters, but so does the pursuit levels in your lobby. These levels will influence the loot you get, how much of it you get, and if you even qualify for any. These also help entitle you to special layered cosmetic appearances for your armor, allowing you to ensure that you can look like a samurai if you so desire.

Last, but not least, don’t leave the missions. Seriously. If you have time, at least finish the Siege group you are in. It’ll benefit yourself and those around you. We’re talking about the 15 other people that are doing the pursuit that is. If you get that down, you’re golden (not metaphorically) by the time the event ends. Just remember this. The event only lasts a few weeks, but because of this fact, you may want to do this as much as possible to ensure the best rewards possible.

However, do take note that weapons are randomly generated. The stats will change from siege to siege. This even includes the elements, feats, and capabilities that weapon will offer. Our best suggestion here? Grab a few of your best pals, some beverages, and get to grinding until you get the weapons that fit your preference.

Just remember this last thing. Have fun. Enjoy the event and most of all, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to help you in any way possible.

The Kulve Taroth event is currently available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Monster Hunter: World and will run until an undisclosed date and time.

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