Review: Fallout 4 Automatron DLC – Things Get Automated

+Good storyline that continues on with the insanity that is the Commonwealth
+Additional weapons and gear exclusive to the DLC
+Offers new places to explore inside of the Commonwealth

-Some crafting patterns for robots are received after completing the DLC
-Some perks are withheld till the end of the DLC


I want you to meet my new friend Ada. Ada doesn’t have much of the personality as you or I would. Hers is much different as my new friend Ada is made from nuts, bolts, metal, and an adaptive A.I., which “feels” emotions in a way much different than you and I. She is also one that is extremely upset with the fact her friends have been killed. So now I’m helping my new friend Ada take down her new sworn enemy “The Mechanist” who has begun to send their evil robots across the Commonwealth in order to “save” humanity in a way they see fit as proper. In turn, it’s become my duty to save the people of the Commonwealth in a way that is much different than how the robots sent by the Mechanist do. My way has become more preserved, safer, and well; requires me to take out enemy robots in order to build my own or even upgrade my new friend Ada.

Destroying robots has begun to become a very common thing in Fallout 4, something that has remained highly highly important to the fallout series. One that is now a staple-point in Fallout 4 with the release of Fallout 4’s DLC “The Automatron”. If you’re a fan of Fallout 4, you already know how insane the DLC can get. You are well aware that Fallout 4 is a game that is all about preservation of the Commonwealth and protecting its citizens from enemy threats such as Synths, Super Mutants, Raiders, and the likes, but what happens when a bunch of crazed robots get thrown in the mix? As the first installment to the Fallout 4 Season Pass, the DLC “Automatron” offers up a bang-for-the-buck approach due to the sheer amount of gameplay within the DLC. As only a $10 USD DLC, it was hard to expect just a whole lot from what the DLC contains.

As one would expect from a Fallout DLC, Automatron offers up an entirely new storyline that takes players to go up against the new Villain named “The Mechanist”. In this DLC players look at stopping the newest threat, an onslaught of killer robots that are raising trouble across the Commonwealth, and in turn we are implored to help a robot by the name of “Ada” who has watched her friends get heartlessly cut down by some of the Mechanists robots. As this happens we are hired on to help this new companion and help keep the Commonwealth safe from a flood of killer robots. In turn players are then sent on a quest that to some may just feel like a side quest, and a lengthy one at that. One that does feel it could have been found in the main game if it were made to have been there like that in the first place.

After having moved on to help Ada, we learn that our new adventure wouldn’t just take us to fight some big new troublemaker, but instead it would take us across some rather familiar territories that will take players to fight new enemies such as the Rust Devil’s who pack up a few new types of armour, new robots to fight, and a whole lot more fun when dispatching their groups in large numbers. The most unique thing about these new villains is not the fact they have teamed up with groups of killer and sadistic looking robots, but the fact they are also wearing robotic armor that offers a unique twist in this 1950’s post-apocalyptic paradise.

Unlike Fallout 3’s unique DLC’s such as “Operation Anchorage” or even “Mothership Zeta”, Fallout 4’s Automatron takes on a twist of former DLC’s that we’ve not seen for quite some time. Spinning what we once knew on its head, Fallout 4 takes the approach to storytelling in what one would assume as a 1950’s Robotic Sci-Fi flick while keeping characters in a unique design so that players will find themselves thoroughly enjoying this DLC. In turn, it provides as stated, a good 3-4 hours of enjoyment for those that want to dig through every crook and cranny to find all the games hidden items and logs. For those wanting a unique adventure, here’s one coming your way in and one that is very worthwhile.


Our review is based upon the Season Pass launch version that we purchased.  For information about our ethics policy please click here.

 Final Score: 9 out of 10

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