Warframe Console Update 18.5 “Sands of Inaros” is Now Available

For those of you who have been waiting for Sands of Inaros the wait for many of you is finally over as of today. For those who have not looked into the update, the update is massive in brings in some major changes not limited to the Warframe, Inaros, a mummy themed frame.


The update also includes some major changes to the game itself, not limited to a new quest titled “Sands of Inaros”. The update includes things such as a Randomizer that chooses their frame, their loadout, and even their appearance items. New features such as equipping Sigil’s on operators, is now available, but also things such as acquiring mods now flags them as new so players don’t have to dig for their new mods with frustration. Players will also be able to take note of a new Aiming Sensitivity option. Let alone have their been minor adjustments to the title, Warframe’s Chat Display has also received a visual re-skin that will allow for the game to look even more beautiful. This includes new tab uses, such as icon’s, there is also now emoji’s for those who enjoy emoji’s.

With any update, the game has also seen a few changes to its graphics engine to help bring in a bit more life to the game. This includes new lighting, new reflections, HDR rendering, and even a bit more overall reality to the game. Due to the mere size of this patch, it’s hard for us to list everything. So lets take a minor look at some of the changes through the P.C. versions highlight video:

For a full look at the games update, you can check out the notes here.

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