Kill Strain for PlayStation 4 has a Limited Access Code Everyone Can Use – Limited Time


If you haven’t heard about Kill Strain, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a game that has been on my radar for around a year and a half now. While what little I know about it has been just that, it’s been hard to not make it a focal point to get into when I got the chance. With Sony being hard to contact, I’ve cringed a bit, but was fortunate enough to get into the Closed Beta via the PlayStation 4’s “Events” tab. Here I was able to find Kill Strain’s “Play With the Dev’s” type ordeal, and to be honest? What I found is a unique title that blends top-down double joystick shooting with MOBA, but with three teams. The three teams consist of one mutant/zombie (starting out, can be upgraded by mutating corpses during the match), versus two teams of humans. The objective? Destroy an enemy teams base to win. That means mutants or opposing humans. Whichever.

While you might be wondering how to get in on this? We have you covered on that in case you’re working this weekend and don’t have time to go hunt around on the PS4 “Events” to get in on this. So here’s the dates:

Starting on 4/21/2016, players can register up for this event and use the code the developer, Sony Studio San Diego has provided for anyone, and everyone to use starting now. The catch? The code, we seem to be sure of, expires by 10pm on the same day. So you have from now, till the 9pm or 10:30pm mark (CST) to access the game. The code below needs to be redeemed via the PlayStation Store on either PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation App/Website. Make sure to sign up for the event, however. It’ll be worth it.


We’ll see you on the battlefield, friends.

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