Overwatch is Officially Headed to New Gen Consoles, PC, and is Not Free to Play


You may have heard not long ago the brilliant minds over at Blizzard Entertainment had ditched their previous title only known as “Project Titan”. In doing so they decided to leave some of the PvP elements very alive and with that we’ve gotten to see a spectacular take on the FPS genre. This take is one of the most anticipated things to get ready to hit the FPS genre.

With blizzards well known rather highly stylized team-based mechanics, Blizzard gives us their take on a very near-future Earth. One that will pit players in intense multiplayer shootouts using a diverse cast of characters that range from heroes to scientists, oddities, mercs with guns, and even scientists in this epic globe-spanning conflict that seeks to tear the world apart. Well we think so anyways.

With its bold cast of characters that host amazingly unique abilities, players will fight across familiar locales, teleport around enemies, jump on top of hoverbuses in London, and even dive find themselves battling it out through the bazaars in Egypt (Diablo anyone?).


But how many heroes will you get to see blowing up terrains, throwing out unique abilities, and even executing impossible maneuvers? 21 characters to be exact. Each of them coming with their own abilities, mastery levels, and even their unique spin on having a personality. Tired of playing one character? That’s fine! Switch it up mid-match in order to bring the pain to enemy teams from going from the mysterious ninja Genji to the teleporting former British test pilot Tracer in order to teleport, drop bombs on enemies, and even reverse time to get her out of horrible situations.

Overwatch will pit teams of six players against each other in objective-based locales set around the world. Each of them putting iconic players into the light while fights move from streets, to rooftops, to open skies and even locations never seen before while each team fights over distinct mission objectives in order to win.

Want to experience it? Good, Blizzard has set up eight locales that are playable at BlizzCon 2015 with plenty more to come.

Overwatch has officially been announced for the Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, and PC in 2016. The game will cost 59.99 USD according to GameStop’s placeholder on their website. As for MAC users? Blizzard has stated that the game will not be launching on the platform at this time.

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