Counting Down to Fallout 4 with Our Top Five Fallout Memories (Contains Spoilers)


With Fallout 4 coming down to its final hours before launch, it’s hard not to have some form of nostalgia building up around past moments within the game and for some? The games have never gotten old. With many of these moments having taken place in campaign and not-between-campaign moments. So lets start this countdown in our attempt to prepare you for Fallout 4, which is set to release 11/10/2015 for North America.

– 5 – Silencing the Radios of the Wasteland – Killing Three Dog – Fallout 3 –


Have you ever decided to go homicidal after doing just a quest or two for Three Dog? Worry not, if you haven’t? It means that many of us probably already have and we don’t regret doing so since he can become quite obnoxious once you tip over that 30+ hour mark of listening to his voice chant out his obnoxious spiels. Some of you may have never hit that mark, so what exactly happens if you decide to crack his skull open with your mightiest of melee weapons or become a crack shot with one of your weapons? Well, if you haven’t irradiated the air with a Fat Man, you can kill Three Dog, loot his corpse, grab his clothes, his bandanna, and yes, his glasses.

With the death of Three Dog, he is replaced by a rather elderly lady who appears to be a technician at the radio station; downside – she only plays music. Her announcement, is however, rather funny when she states why she is there: “Uhm, Margaret here, uh, uhm, bringing you just music. I’m just a technician that is just bringing you music because some asshole murdered our D.J.”. Well, Margaret we hope you enjoy your promotion, we sure did.

– 4 – Gary – Vault 108’s Lunatic Clone – Fallout 3 –


If you’re like any fan out there, wandering between each vault in Fallout’s franchise is a rather unique experience and Fallout 3 was no stranger to letting us expand upon our knowledge of what some of the Vaults were used for. In this specific one we find out that Vault 108 was used to experiment with cloning. This case brings our attention to the fact something has gone absolutely wrong as Gary has been running a much and having wiped out the populace of Vault 108.

When exploring 108, players find themselves killing these clones rather mercifully as the clones are only good at two things; muttering their names, which is the only thing they say, and well killing everything around them except for each other.

– 3 – Vault 112’s Tranquility Lane – A Psychotic Adventure – Fallout 3 –


Probably one of the most unnerving moments of Fallout overall, you find yourself in a mysterious vault that is being run by robots, which isn’t all that odd it seems. With Mr. Handy being a streamlined robot, it’s not a wink of surprise to see how the world works in Fallout since each of them are assigned certain jobs, but the unnerving thing is? In Fallout 3’s Vault 112, you find yourself going into a small cryo-like-chamber where you will be meeting your new friend “Betty”, which just happens to be an insane A.I. or rather Doctor Braun who just happens to want you to start out your doings by punching Timmy in the face. Poor little Timmy, he gets his clock cleaned if you do the quest as Doctor Braun in Vault 112 wants. Damn screwed up Matrix.

By the end of the simulation for Tranquility Lane, you find yourself having gone on a simulated homicidal rampage as a character known as the “Pint-Sized Slasher”. Whoever came up with this quest line must have been in love with both classic slasher films and even a taste for the SAW series. Still an interesting plot-twist in the franchise, well not really. Oh and lets not forget you’ve killed every single one of those residents of Vault 112 so that they can finally rest in peace.

– 2 – Nuking Megaton – Goodbye You Crazy Ass Town! – Fallout 3 –


You might be familiar with this little city that just happens to host a weird group of cultists only known as the Children of the Atom, a whacked out bar run by a Ghoul and an annoying Sheriff who follows you as if you are about to do something mischievous with that nuke. I’m not sure blowing up Megaton really needs anything more outside of an idea that Mr. Burke just wants to see the city burn. I know I did after dealing with Children of the Atom. Minus the fact all your belongings, if you have a house there, have gone up in smoke.

– 1 – The Enclave Soldier – Harassing the Soldier – Fallout 2 –


When entering into this Enclave known as Poseidon Oil area, it’s hard not to have some enjoyment in this. This soldier is probably one of the most fowl mouthed, idiotic, and easily trollable characters in the game. With him having a bit of sarcasm to his tone we had to share this clip that can be seen below by a random YouTuber since we were unable to get our own video clip up and running perfectly.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review of Fallout 4 later this month. While you wait, what’s your best moments of Fallout as a franchise? Let us know in the comments.

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